Henry Ford

Henry Ford is the person who made assembly


1. Making Cars

Once upon a time there was a guy named Henry Ford his wife and his boy Ezlel Ford and it w as almost Christmas time and Henry told Ezlel to write a Christmas lists for Santa and so the next night Henry went out to his factory. And so then Ezlel walked to his shop also and he went inside and seen his father . So he went over to his father and said ''Dinners ready'' Ezlel said and he said ok im coming and as they were walking back Ezlel talked in his dad into writing himself a lists for Christmas. And so he couldn't think of anything and so he thought of something and he said ''I'll asks Santa to help me make cars cheaper. And so the next morning at 2:00 A.M Henry could here banging on his roof he looked up the chimney and it was Santa and Santa said ''Need help with getting cars cheaper ay'' and Henry said ''Yes I do''so Santa took him to his workshop Henry said ''Wow this is bigger than the factory!'' and thats when he seen elves working one elf worked one thing passed it down and the other elf did his job.

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