"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


3. Wednesday ∞

Wednesday ∞

Ugh, another day of school.

I get up and get dressed.

I drag myself to my car and drive to school.

When I walk in I get stares but I just go up to my locker anyways.

Chase comes up to me and says "dudeee did you get a new tattoo on your neck?"

"Yeah" I say even though you can tell he is high af.

I get my things from my locker and shut it.

I turn around and notice Ansley. I will try to avoid her today. I wish I could tell her before she cuts even more.

I knew she cut on her tattoos every week. I noticed but I wouldn't dare say anything to her about it. The teachers don't notice because they are on her perfect tattoos.

The bell rings and I go to class. The teacher starts talking on and on about who knows what and I just sing songs in my head.

Finally the class is over and I go to my next class. Then to lunch. And then I finish the day at school. When the final bell rings I leave school and drive home.

I go straight to my room and open my laptop and type in youtube. I sign in and listen to my favorite songs for a little while and sing along.

I finally decide to make a cover of Blink 182- I miss you.

I turn on my laptops camera and start to record and sing the lyrics playing on my guitar as well. When I finish I stop the camera and post the video. Then I close my laptop.

Singing always makes me feel better.

Then I hear a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in." I say.

The door opens and there is Ansley, I didn't except to see her here out of all people.

"What.. What are you doing here? I spit out.

"We need to talk." Ansley says coming to sit beside me on my bed.

"Well... Why are you only nice to me on Mondays and an ass to me the rest of the week?" She asks.

Dang, that's the last thing I wanted to hear her ask.

"It's a long story" I say trying to avoid eye contact.

"I have time" she says.

"It's complicated."I say.

"What are you embarrassed by me or something?" She asks.

"No. I just can't tell you the reason why." I say.

She sighs.

"Look at me" she says.

I look up and we make eye contact for the first time today. I love her perfect eyes.

She leans in and I kiss her.

Then she pulls back.

"Maybe you'll tell me now." She smirks.

I put my hand and rub it over her tattoos.

"I'll make you a deal" I say.

"You stop cutting and I'll tell you why."

"Well I wouldn't cut if you weren't so mean to me most of the time."

Then she says "deal".

"Okay meet me here at my house after school tomorrow and I'll tell you everything, but if you dare cut at all again ever, I will ignore you for a while."

"Okie dokie" she says.

And we both laugh.

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