"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


17. Wednesday 3 ♡

Wednesday 3 ♡

*I am skipping Nicole's funeral because there has already been 2 others, this one just had more people the rest of it was basically the same as the others.*

Well christmas is Saturday, and because of the School shooting we get out the rest of the week. And since Christmas is Saturday and New Years is soon we get next week and the week after that off from school.

When Nicole's funeral is over I get in my car and bust out crying like I have been for days now.

I told Luke to go back home and I'll be there soon, he didn't want me to be alone since I'm so depressed but I made him let me.

So I start my car and turn on the heat since I was so cold.

I just sit there in the parking lot until everyone is gone.

Then I get out of my car, leaving it running.

I walk over to where they buried Nicole and I put a bracelet on her tombstone and put a rock above it so nobody will see it and it doesn't blow away. The bracelet is the bracelet she gave to me when we first became friends in 1st grade. Then I go over to my adoptive dad's grave which wasn't far from Nicole's and pull out of my pocket a locket necklace that has a picture of me and him in it and get a rock and put it on his tombstone.

Then I walk over to my brothers that's right next to his and I sit down on the ground next to his tombstone.

"Hey little bro" I said.

"I really miss you, how's it going in heaven, you having fun?" I ask.

"I want you & Nicole & daddy to have fun up there." I say.

I hold back my tears.

"Christmas is this weekend, you almost got to spend it with us I had gotten you a lot of cool things like a Xbox 1 that you have been wanting since last year, I got you a skateboard and a bunch of Xbox games and a new iPhone 6+ basically everything you asked for but I'll just give them to your Girlfriend Georgia, she misses you a lot and so do I, I've been really depressed lately buddy, I want you and Nicole and Daddy back already but it's okay I'll be up there with you guys some day and then we can all have fun together."

"Keep watching over me sweet angel." I say.

Then I kiss his tombstone and get up.

I slowly walk back to my car and get in and drive off to the tattoo parlor.

I walk in and tell the man I want a heart and a infinity signed combined together on my wrist , it stood for Luke & I.

He takes me back in a room and I sit down and he starts.

About 2 hours later he finishes and puts medicine and a bandage over it.

I pay him $150.

"Thanks" I said and head out the door.

I go to start my car but it doesn't start.

Out of gas. Great. I get out my phone to call somebody but it's dead.

I go and sit on the curb next to my car and put my head in my hands.

"Hello, are you okay?" I hear a voice say.

I look up to see a colorful haired boy.

He had green hair.

"Hi, no I'm not okay." I say looking at him and he comes and sits down next to me on the curb.

"What's wrong" he asks.

"I've literally have had the worst week ever." I say.

"Tell me everything, my names Michael by the way."

"Well right now my car is out of gas and my phone is dead, but if you take me home you can just read why everything is so bad right now." I say.

We get in his car and I give him Luke's address because I live there now.

We walk in the house and Luke is on the couch.

"Who's this?" Luke asks.

"Michael, he gave me a ride here because I ran out of gas and my phone is dead." I say.

"Oh okay" Luke says.

I start to head upstairs and hear Ashton & Calum walk into the house.

When I get in my room Michael asks "Who was that boy on the couch?"

"My boyfriend, I live with him and after you read what I have in this book I've never shown anyone before you will know why." I say.

He nods his head.

I go over to my dresser and open my underwear drawer and dig around in it and find my Bad Things book and hand it to him and close my drawer.

I added in there last night about Nicole and stuff too.

He starts to read it and about 5 minutes later he closes the book and pulls me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry that all this has happened to you lately, I'll always be here for you" he says.

He lets go of the hug and we both smile. I hand him my phone and he puts in his number and then says "You got 2 texts from somebody named Tiffany & Becca."

I snatch the phone from them and see that they both said that they will be here shortly.

I put down my phone on my dresser.

"I never got your name." Michael says.

"Oh I'm sorry my name is Ansley Marie." I say.

Then I say "Lets go back downstairs before my boyfriend thinks I am cheating."

He nods his head and as soon as we get downstairs Tiffany & Becca walk in the door.

I introduce everybody to Michael.

I go and sit on the couch next to Luke and he puts his arm around me.

Calum speaks up "How about we perform a song for them?" He asks Luke & Ashton.

"Yeah!"Luke says quickly.

"Wait you all play?" Michael asks.

"Yeah, do you?" Ashton asks.

"Hell yeah! Do you got a guitar?" Michael asks.

Ashton,Luke, and Calum all look at each other and smile.

"Of course I do!" Luke says.

They all get the Instruments ready and start to play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" By: Nirvana.

Tiffany, Becca & I all jump around dancing to it. They were amazing.

When they finish I go up to them and hug them all.

"That was great guys!!!" I scream.

Calum screams "Let's make a band!!!"

Michael screams "Yeah I'll join!"

We all jump around laughing.

Then I ask "What's the name of the band?"

Calum says "Remember our first date Ansley where we ate at Sauces for 5?"

"Yeah" I say.

Luke looks a little angry but then he goes back to how he was.

"How about we name it 5 Seconds Of Summer & 5sos for short?" Calum says excitedly almost screaming.

"Yessss"Ashton says.

"YASSS"Michael says.

"Yuppp"Luke says.

Then Calum runs out the house and then comes back in with alcohol.

"WHO READY TO PARTAYYYY?!"Calum screams.

We all cheer and rush to the kitchen.

The boys go and play beer pong and the girls take shots.

Soon enough we were all drunk and the music was blasting.

We were all dancing around having fun, after all Liz wouldn't be home till Christmas Eve which is Friday.

Tiffany and Calum was making out on the couch.

Becca was dancing with Ashton.

I grab Michael and Luke and we all 3 dance together.

I head upstairs to pee.

When I walk out Michael is there.

He kisses me.

I kiss him back until I realize it was Michael not Luke.

I run downstairs.

I was drunk after all.

We all start dancing again and then lower down the music.

"Let's play Truth or Dare." Luke says.

Michael you start.

Michael says "Truth or Dare Ansley"

"Truth" I say.

"Did you like that kiss I just gave you upstairs?"

I look at angry Luke.

"NO! I thought you were Luke, it was dark Michael, I date Like and love him." I say.

Luke looks happy again.

I guess since everybody is drunk nobody really cares about anything.

I ask Luke "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare" He says biting his lip ring.

"I dare you to take off your clothes and play in only your boxers."

So he does and my eyes look him up and down.

Luke asks Ashton "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Ashton says.

"I dare you to prank call 911."

Us being drunk Ashton does it.

Well about 10 minutes later we hear police sirens.

"OH MY GOD GUYS HIDE" I scream!!!

We all start to laugh and Tiffany and Calum run off somewhere in the house and Ashton & Becca run upstairs somewhere.

And for Luke, Michael, & I we run out the back door closing it behind us and keep running until we reach the woods and then we keep running.

The cops were definitely in the house now.

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