"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


10. Wednesday 2 ♡

Wednesday 2 ♡

School another day of misery. At Least this is the last week till Christmas break.

I get up & get dressed letting my brother off at his school too.

He got out of my car and his little girlfriend came up to him and they locked their hands together.


When I get to school I go to my locker quickly trying to avoid yesterday.

"Hey Ansley, why weren't you at school yesterday?" Nicole comes up to my locker asking me.

"I'll explain later." I say and she walks to her class.

I get in my first class & Mr.Richards hands me my work from yesterday and says "Here do this for homework tonight."

I go and take a seat.

When I sit down I get a tap on my shoulder and turn around.

"Hey" they boy says.


"I know you don't really know me but we have this class together and I just wanted to get to know you." He says.

I laugh.

I get out a pen from my notebook and a piece of paper and write my number down and hand it to him.

"Thanks" he says.

And I turn around while the teacher begins his lesson.

I start to think and half way through the class I turn back around to the guy.

"I forgot to ask but what's your name?"

"Marcus" He says smiling.

"I'm Ansley."

"I know." He says and I look down at his notebook he had really nice drawings.

"Nice drawings" I say.


Then I turn back around and listen to the teacher finish his lesson.

After math I go to ELA.

But of course on my way there Luke sees me and comes up to me.

"Hey what's wrong Ansley?" He asks.

"Nothing" I say trying to get away from him.

But he stops me from getting away.

"LET ME GET TO CLASS!" I scream.

He lets go of me and I walk to class as the whole hall stares at me.

Once I get in class Mr.Duncan says okay "Nicole,Ansley,Tiffany,and Becca please come present your poster."

Tiffany goes to the back of the room and grabs the neon pink poster.

Dang I hope they finished it good yesterday I think to myself.

We all 4 get at the top of the room and they start to say there parts of the poster.

When it gets to my turn I freeze thinking of the Luke thing which causes me to stutter on my part and say stuff incorrectly giving us the grade of a 75.

Then Mr. Duncan hands out 4 pieces of paper telling us to finish them tonight for homework because the final grades will be in this Friday, the worst part is one of the homework assignments for him is a 2 page Essay.


I head to lunch and grab my lunch and try to find a table to sit at by myself.

Finally I do and sit in the far right corner of the room at a small table for only 4 people.

But somebody has to come sit with me and I look up and it's Marcus.

He smiles "Hope nobody is sitting here." He says.

I smile "Nobody is I came here to be by myself."

"Should I leave?" He asks me.

"Nah your cool." I say.

He laughs and says "Thanks."

"Why do you say thanks so much?" I ask.

"Because I wanna be as nice as you to possible." He says.

I blush and finish eating.

Just as Marcus get up to throw away our trash I see Luke sitting down at a table looking angry.

After Marcus & I throw away our trash I pull him out the cafeteria.

"Do you smoke?" I ask quietly.

"No but I can try it." He says.

We both head outside.

We go to the side of the building where nobody can see us and I get out 2 cigarettes out of my pocket.

I hand him one and light mine and then pass him the lighter and he lights his.

"Why do you smoke anyways Ansley?" He asks looking at me.

"We're all gonna die anyways." I say looking at him.

And we smoke.

When we're done we head back in and I bump into Luke.

"Who's this Ansley?" He asks angrily.

"My friend." I say back just as angry.

Luke grabs Marcus by his shirt and pushes him into the wall and screams in his face


I scream "STOP IT LUCAS!!" And Luke let's go of him and I run up to Marcus hugging him gently while he heavily breathes trying to catch his breathe.

When I let go Luke is still there.

"We need to talk!" Luke says to me and pulls me into a closet in the hall leaving Marcus standing there.

As soon as we get in the closet he grabs me by my waist and looks me into the eyes.

"Your my girlfriend Ansley why have you been so different today and didn't even answer my texts last night?" He asks.

"Because.. Luke I found out something yesterday and it hurt me like crazy." I say looking him in the eyes.

"What is it?" He says still looking me in the eyes.

"Your my half brother Luke." I say quietly without looking him in the eyes this time.

"WHAT?!" He screams.

I quickly cover his mouth and say "I found out yesterday I was adopted so I went to the adoption agency and they told me Liz Hemmings is my brother & I's mom but we have different dads than you and your 2 brothers. And that our mom gave us up for adoption because she didn't want her husband to find out she cheated and that she couldn't take care of all of us."

I leave him speechless and he lets go of me and walks out the closet leaving me there alone.

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