"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


2. Tuesday ♡


I wake up in the same place I fell asleep last night, in Luke's bed. But one thing was different Luke wasn't there.

I drag myself out of bed and look at the clock.

Damn I have 15 minutes before school starts.

I put on the clothes I wore yesterday but grab a jacket out of my book bag to cover up my shirt.

I go to his bathroom and fix my makeup along with nose piercing.

I brush my teeth with his toothbrush and fix my hair.

Then I slide on my shoes and grab my book bag and shoes.

I pick up my phone and see 5 missed calls and 3 texts.

All the miss calls were from my dad and the texts were from my friends.

I go outside Luke's house.

Great I have to walk to school.

When I finally get in the school building the bell rings. I run to my locker and get my things and head to class.

"Ms. Marie you're late." The math teacher Mr.Richards says to me.

I sit down and he gives me the you're late for class essay and says " Its due by tomorrow, as usual."

I sigh.

When class is over I walk over to Luke's locker and wait for him to get there.

Finally he does.

"What happened to you this morning?" I ask.

"Ew you're wearing the same clothes as yesterday freak." He says.

My eyes start to water. I say "Well yeah I had to because I spent the night with you last night."

"Quit making things up your way to nasty to ever do that." He says.

Then he takes the water bottle from his hand opens it drinks a sip and then throws it at my pants.


My face turns red and I let my tears out as all I hear is laughter in the halls. I rush to the bathroom.

A second later Nicole runs in knocking on the bathroom stall.

"Let me in I know you're in there."

"No I'm not." I sniffle.

"Let me in or im busting down the door." She says.

I stand up and unlock the door and then sit back down in the stall.

She comes in and sits down with me.

"Becca & Tiffany wanted to come in here with me but I told her I'll do it by myself."

I just cry again in my knees.

Nicole grabs my head and pulls me towards her.

"Guess I'm skipping class with you this class."

"Guess so" I say.

After second class ends I get up and so does Nicole and we leave the bathroom. In doing so I bump into Luke coming out.

Nicole starts to yell at him.

I ask him "How come you're only nice to me on Mondays? You're like this every week."

He shrugs and keeps walking.

Me & Nicole walk out of school and go sit on the side of the building where nobody can see us. I pull out a cigarette and give her one.

We talk and then finish smoking.

"Lunch is over" she says.

I sigh and walk back into the hell we call school.

Finally last class comes around and I ignore Luke as much as possible. But I still hear him cracking jokes about me making everyone laugh at me.

When class is over I rush out the door and head to my locker and get my things.

Then I go out to my car, but the tires are popped.

Luke comes walking out the door to his car.

"What the fuck Luke why did you pop my tires?!" I say screaming at him.

"Because I can." He says getting in his car and drives away.

I call the car service and wait.

Finally they get there and 10 minutes later my car is fixed.

"Thanks" I said paying the man $50.

I get in my car and drive home listening to sad songs on the way.

When I get home I notice no one is there.

I go to the fridge to pour me some juice and see a note on the door of the fridge

Went to Derek's soccer game. Be back soon. -Dad.

Derek is my little brother by the way.

I pour me some juice and head upstairs to my room.

I pull out my laptop and get on Twitter seeing more hate comments than ever.

I close my laptop and go to the bathroom shutting the door behind me.

I open my cabinet and look for my razor.

Finally I find it.

I pull up my sleeve and over my tattoos I cut again.

There is old cuts and this is the new one.

I cut once each week to make me feel better.

Right now there is in total 18 cuts.

There has been 18 weeks of school this year, if you haven't figured it out already.

I put my razor back and go back into my room.

I lay down at my bed looking at the ceiling.

I don't get it, he is nice to me every Monday but the rest of the week he is a pain in the ass.

*** Why do you think he is only nice on Mondays?***

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