"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


16. Tuesday 3 ∞

Tuesday 3 ∞

I wake up with Ansley in my arms. I could get use to this.

We weren't going to school again today.

I pull my arm out from under her and climb on top of her and start tickling her,

"Get up!!!!!" I screamed.

She shot her eyes open and started laughing.

"Ahh stop Luke hahaha" she said giggly.

I stopped and kissed her cheek and got out of bed, she did too.

"Go get ready we are going to find out who your real parents are today!"

She runs into her room to get ready and I start putting on my clothes.

10 minutes later she walks back into my room and is all ready.

"Come on let's go" I say.

My mom has already left for work so Ansley and I jump into my car and drive to the police station.

When we get there she runs in and I run after her.

When I finally get into the building, because dang Ansley runs fast , Ansley is sitting down she said "They told me a officer will be with me soon."

After about 20 minutes a girl with pink hair walks into the room and said "Ansley Marie follow me."

Ansley and I both get up and follow her into a room with a man police officer.

We all sit down at a table and the man speaks up "Ms, this morning we got a confession from your adoptive mother that she is the one who teamed up with Josh to do that to you both because she knew you and Derek weren't gonna come to the USA with her, she said that she is the one who killed your adoptive father and Josh killed your brother." I stare at the man shocked and look over to Ansley who is starting to tear up.

Then the woman speaks and says "Your adoptive mother is now in prison again."

Ansley asks "Why was she in there the first time and has Josh been caught yet?"

"Josh is still on the loose, she wouldn't admit to where he was, but we are still looking for him." The man cop says then the woman cop says

"I thought you knew, I mean if you would have none of this would have happened but your adoptive mother killed your real parents and that is why she was in there the first time, but now your adoptive mother is in for the death penalty and when we catch Josh he will spend life in Prison."

Ansley busts out crying and puts her head down on the table. I rub her back.

"When is the death penalty being held?" I ask.

The woman cop says "Tomorrow at 12:00 pm, you're welcome to come watch."

Ansley's head pops up "I wanna watch! I wanna watch her suffer and die it's her fault I've lost all the family I have!!!"

We sign papers and leave.

When we get back to my house Ashton is on the front porch.

"What's up man?" I say walking up to him with Ansley.

"I just came... Came to tell you guys something." He says with an sad expression on his face.

"What is it?" Ansley asks quickly.

"That guy Josh he came to the school today and he is there right now having a school shooting. I managed to escape but there is a lot of people in there still hiding and I don't know how many people he has shot but I know he shot this one person I don't know who but all I know is that it was a girl." Ashton says.

Me and Ansley's face drop.

"Is the cops there?" I ask.

"Yeah they are now but they can't barge in yet, it's too dangerous."Ashton says.

"Let's go there and wait outside with the cops." Ansley says and we all run to my car and I drive there quickly.

When we get there we all jump out of the car and run up to the part they have where the tape is they wouldn't let us any closer, we were in the school parking lot.

There was a lot of parents there and ALOT of cops there.

"How many people escaped?" I asked Ashton.

"Just me as I know of." He says.

"Did you tell the cops everything that happened when you were in there?"Ansley asks Ashton.

"Yes." He says.

Then we hear the cops talking and one says 5 minutes and we're going in there.

The cops start making all the citizens back up even more to a more safer place.

Then 5 minutes later half of all the cops there barge in the school.

A couple of minutes later a couple ambulances arrive and then out come cops holding Josh. And throw him in a cop car and drive away.

Then cops search the whole school and a bunch of alive people start rushing out with the police.

I hear them talking again saying everybody survived but 1 person. Then I watch the last cop walk out the school with a girl in his hands and the girls is... Nicole!

I look over at Ansley and she busted out crying again and me and Ashton were hugging her.

I feel so bad for Ansley, everybody she loves has been dying.

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