"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


4. Thursday ∞

Thursday ∞

After school ended today I drove home quickly.

Ansley is coming over soon.

Ansley and I talked a little today but not much.

I rush in my house and clean up a bit when I finish the doorbell rings.

I run up to the door and open it thinking it would be Ansley but it was the mail man delivering a package. I grab the package and sign a paper and shut the door.

I wonder what this is.

I put it on the counter and grab a knife and tear it open.

New medicine.

Then I hear a knock on the door.

I grab the package and open the pantry throwing it in there and running to the front door to let Ansley in.

"Hey" she saying coming in my house.

"Hi" I say.

"I was thinking on taking you to a concert tonight, wanna go?" I ask Ansley.

"Sure, what concert?"

"It's a surprise." I tell her.

We both get in my car and drive to the concert.

Finally we get there and I let her out and cover her eyes with my hands and when we get in the front row I let go.

"One direction?" She asks.


The concert starts and the first song they sing is

What makes you beautiful

In the middle of the song Niall pulls Ansley on stage making her blush and scream and smile her face off. I give her a thumbs up.

I see Ansley trail her eyes off else where to somewhere in the crowd.

I look back and see her and some boy making eye contact.


At the end of the concert I take Ansley out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

After we order and are waiting for our food she asks me

"So you gonna tell me the reason you're only nice to me on Mondays yet?"

"Um after dinner,yeah?"

The food finally comes and we eat away.

When we finish she asks again.

I leave the money on our table and we walk outside the restaurant.

I take out a cigarette and hand her one , lighting them both.

"So?" She asks.

"Well I have this thing called a personality disorder." I begin to say.

Her expression changes.

"I can take medicine to prevent it but when I don't im really shy around you so I chose not to sometimes."

She stays speechless.

"I got more medicine today before you came , I can start taking it every day if you want."

I say.

"Yes please" she finally says finishing her cigarette, I put out mine to.

And we leave my car in the parking lot and we start to take a walk.

We talk about many things, and we see many things.

We see people making graffiti on walls, we see people skateboarding on the sidewalks , we see hobos begging for change.

One man looks really bad and is leaning against a wall nearly naked with a sigh that read please help any way possible, God bless you.

Ansley goes up to him and hands him $100 and says to him "Use wisely" with a warm smile.

When we walk away I tell her "You have a very good heart." And she smiles.

"I'm sorry about the personality disorder" she says out of nowhere.

"It's alright and I'm sorry about what I do when I'm not myself."

"When did you find out about it?" She asks.

"About 6 years ago I usually take my meds but this year I have t really because I'm too shy around you but when I don't take them im too mean to you and I'm really sorry I hope you do forgive me." I say briefly.

"I do forgive you Luke, I always will no matter what." She says giving me a hug.

I hug her back and we walk back to my car.

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