"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


25. Thursday 4 ♡

Thursday 4 ♡

I Ansley Marie am in love with Michael Clifford and I didn't realize it till now.

But there is 2 problems with this,

- I'm carrying Luke Hemming's child

- 5sos are on tour for 9 months

I grab my phone and see I have missed calls & texts from Marcus & Johnny but I don't care.

I dial Michael's number.

M: Hello?

A: Hey it's Ansley.

M: Oh hey, what's up?

A: I actually called to tell you something Mikey..

M: Anything what is it?

A: Its bad.

M: Go ahead.

A: I'm in love with you Michael.

M: How's that bad? ( I hear him smirk through the phone )

A: Because I'm pregnant with Luke's baby.

Then I hang up the phone.

I just keep staring at my phone and pretty soon I get a text from Luke


I text back

I didn't want you to worry.

He texts back

No I'm leaving tour and coming back home to take care of you!

I text back

No I'll come where you are, where exactly are you?

He texts

Right now we're in London.

I text

Okay I'll be there by Monday :)

Then my phone rings and the Caller ID reads Michael.

M: Hey I heard the news, your coming to see us?

A: Yeah I'll be there by Monday.

M: Great! See you then, bye!!!

Then the phone is hung up.

*Short Chapter Ik But This Book Is Ending Soon :( Just A Couple More Chapters Left, I'm Already Thinking Of New Ideas For New Ones, I Have Others Already, Go Check Them Out Too!*

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