"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


18. Thursday 3 ♡

Thursday 3 ♡

I woke up and I see trees.

I notice I'm in the woods and next to me is Luke & Michael sleeping.

I wake them up and they sit up.

"Where the fuck are we?" Michael says.

"The woods" I say.

Luke rubs his head "How did we end up here?" He says sleeplishy.

"I dunno, the last thing I remember is when you all made a band together, what all do you remember?"I say.

Both of them say "Same."

We get up and Luke checks his phone, hey guys I have 3 miss calls from a weird number.

Then his phone rings.

- Hello?

- How?!

- Okay be there in a few.

Luke hand up his phone.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"Apparently Calum, Ashton, Tiffany, & Becca are all in jail and we need to go bail them out." Luke says.

"Dang I don't remember anything about last night" I say.

We all get up and go back to the house.

We open the door and the house was a mess.

"I'll go get some of my In 'Case Of Emergency' money." Luke says running upstairs.

Then he comes back downstairs with $500.

"I got half of it, let's go." Luke says.

We all run out to his car and jump in.

We finally get to the police station.

Right before we got out I dig into my purse and get three mints and hand them one.

"Here have this we need to cover up our breathe it still smells like alcohol.

We all put them in our mouth and head inside.

We go up to the counter and give them the money and sign some papers.

Then a buzzer goes off and out walks Calum,Ashton,Tiffany, and Becca.

We all run up to them and hug them and go back and squeeze in the car.

"So do you remember anything from last night?" I ask them.

"Nope" they all say.

I charge up my phone in the car and when it turns on I see I have a ton of notifications.

"WOAH!" I scream.

"What is it?" Ashton asks.

"I posted a video of the 4 of you performing last night on YouTube and named it 5 Seconds Of Summer cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana. And you have a lot of hits!!!" I scream.

Luke pulls over on the side of the road and looks back at me.

"How many?" He asks.

I look and say "300,000!"

We all cheer.

Then Luke starts driving home again.

Calum says "Were gonna be famous guys!"

We all laugh and turn up the radio.

Finally we get back at the house and we all start to clean up the house.

Then everybody but Luke & I leave.

"Last night was great, best night I've had in a while!" I say.

"Me too." Luke says pulling me into a hug.

"Tomorrow is Christmas Eve plus my mom will be home." Luke says.

"I know right" I say pulling out of the hug.

Luke grabs my hand pulling me over to the doorway of his room.

"Why'd you pull me here- he cuts me off by kissing me and I return the kiss.

Then I let go and look up.

"Ohhh missile toe." I say.

Then he picks me up bridal style and carries me over to his bed and gently lays me on it and starts kissing me again. I kiss him back and soon it becomes more heated and we start making out.

I start to move down and kiss his neck.

I start taking off his shirt.

I throw it on the floor somewhere and turn him over so now I'm on top of him.

I start kissing his whole torso.

My hands feeling over his abs.

He starts kissing my neck. Then he pulls off my shirt and leaves gentle kisses everywhere.

I start to unbuckle his pants.But he stops me.

"Why do you always stop me?" I ask.

He smiles at me and says "Because you and I are both virgins and I want our first time to be very special not on my bed in my bedroom."

I smile back. Then I ask "How do you know I'm a virgin?" Raising my eyebrows.

"Because" then he kisses me again and we both get up and put back on our shirts and head downstairs.

He goes in the kitchen and starts cooking lunch.

And I turn on the tv.

Soon he comes back with some pizza and hands me a plate and a drink.

We both sit on the couch and eat.

When we are finished we start to cuddle and turn on a romantic movie. Luke turns to me and says "I love you Ansley Marie" and I turn to him and say "I love you more Luke Hemmings."

And that's basically what we do all day.

*Sorry it's such a boring chapter but Ansley needed some time off from everything.*

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