"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


11. Thursday 2 ∞

Thursday 2 ∞

Last night I tried texting Ansley to see if she was okay but I know I sure as hell ain't.

But all she texted me was "Busy doing homework."

I get ready and drag myself to school just to find Ansley but I couldn't find her anywhere.

She must haven't came to school today.

I go to first class


Second class

Then lunch all the way to last class and Ansley still wasn't at school.

Half way through last class the door opens and somebody walks in, I was hoping it would be Ansley but it was just a new student.

The teacher brings the new student to the from of the class and says "We have a new student his name is Ashton Irwin and I want you all to be nice to him."

Ashton comes and sits down in the seat beside me, he looked older than the rest of us.

I whisper to him "Hi I'm Luke."

He looks at me and whispers back "Hi."

"How old are you?" I ask.

"I was held back twice Im 19."

"Wow I'm 17." I say and then we both turn back to the teacher and finish the class.

When class is over I show Ashton to his new locker which happens to be next to mine.

We put up our stuff and I ask Ashton "Wanna come over to my place?"

"Sure." He says and we head out to my car and drive to my house.

When we get there Calum is at my step waiting on me.

"Hey" I say making Calum look up.

"Have you seen Ansley? She's not at home." Calum says.

"No she wasn't at school today." I say.

Then Ashton asks quietly to me "Who is Ansley?"

"This girl at school." Is all I say.

"Should we go look for her?" Calum asks.

"Let's wait a little while and if she's still not at home we can." I say.

We all 3 walk in the house and Ashton sees my brothers old drums and asks "Can I play them?"


He goes up to them and starts playing them like crazy and when he is done Calum & I just stand there with our mouths wide open.

"What do you think?" Ashton asks.

"You're great!" Calum and I say at the same exact time.

"We should all play together!" Calum says excitedly.

Calum walks out the door to his car to get his bass.

"What does he play?" Ashton asks.

"The bass"

He comes back in and we start playing "What I Like about you"

When we finish I scream "That was amazing guys!"

"Yeah!" Calum screams back.

"I agree!" Ashton screams.

So we play it again but this time recording it and putting it on YouTube.

Right when we finish my mom walks in the door with grocies.

"Did you hear about- who are these boys Luke?"

"Ashton & Calum" I say.

And they both shake her hand.

"What were you saying mom?" I ask.

"Did you hear about some girl over- dosing on pills and going to the hospital?" She says.

"Who was it?!" I scream.

"I think it was that girl who comes over sometimes." She says.

Me & Calum look at each other.

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