"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


7. Sunday ∞

Sunday ∞

I was just sitting on my couch watching tv when the door bell rings.

I go into the kitchen and swallow down 2 of my meds real quick and go to open the door.

I knew it wasn't gonna be Ansley because she would have knocked but I never would have expected it to be the guy from the concert, Calum.

"Hi Is Ansley home?" He says trying to look behind me.

"Actually she doesn't live here." I say to him.

"But I dropped her off here other night." He says.

"Yeah I know she spent the night here that night, let's just say me and her are good friends." I wink.

"Come in" I say allowing him in the house.

He looks over at my guitar.

"You play?" He asks.

"Yeah and I sing a little, what about you?" I say.

" I play bass and sing too." He says.

I laugh "we could be in a band.

He laughs too.

"I'll be right back I actually got my bass in my car."

He runs out my door and to his car coming back in with a bass.

We practice together on a couple of songs, turns out me and him are very much alike.

We decided to make a YouTube video of us.

We we finished he left and I have him Ansley's real address hoping she wouldn't be mad at me for giving it to him. But I trust him with her.

After all she lov- likes me more than him.

*Okay this will be the last short chapter for a while but I'm in a hurry and this cheater is important to.*

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