"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


28. Sunday 4 ♡

Sunday 4 ♡

I just finished packing, the flight leaves in 3 hours.

I pull out my Bad Things book and put down the very last thing in it

- Riding in a plane

Because I'm terrified of planes.

And with that the book was full.

I grab all my things and put them in the car.

I close my front door behind me and locking it, taking one last good look at this house that held so many memories, before I left for at least 3 weeks.

I get in my car and stop by the one place I'll miss most for 3 weeks, the graveyard where Nicole,Derek,& my adoptive dad are buried.

I get out my car and walk over to Nichole's first and say "Don't worry Ashton will pay for it one day, I promise. And as you probably already know I'm leaving to London pretty soon, wish me luck because I hate plans, love you & miss you."

Then I walk over to my adoptive dads

"Hey, have fun with my brother I saw y'all playing ball one time in my dream but y'all didn't see me. Never forget me, I love you."

Then I walk over to my brothers

"Hey, I sent them presents to your girlfriend in the mail other day for late Christmas present, I haven't talked to her in a while, watch over her please, I'm sure she is still heartbroken. I love you and miss you bro, wish me luck on that plane ride I know you would be really excited if it was you right now but you can still come with me in my heart. I'll see you soon." I say.

I head back over to my car and get in and drive to the airport.

When I get there I pull out my phone and call Luke.

A: Hey I just got to the airport, I'll see you soon, love you and can't wait to see you.

L: I miss you too Ans, I love you most Ansley Marie, and I have a surprise waiting for you when you get here.

Then I hung up the phone and walked over to security thing when my belongings.

I went through it and then walked up to a girl and handed her my ticket and blared the plane.

Soon after the plane was pretty full and I was sitting next to some guy sleeping.

The flight attendant said "We are now lifting off.... Blah blah blah... Have a nice flight."

I started to drift off to sleep.


Soon I was awakened by the shift of the plane and some shrieks.

I heard the flight attendant say "Please stay calm, everything will be-

Then the plane starting falling downward -------------------------------

Ansley lifeless body was now cold hard dead & her baby too along with the other passengers and everyone on the plane.

The only thing left was a book with the title Bad Things.

****SORRY!!! But this is NOT the last chapter there is one more after this one with the point of view of Luke and then this book is over. Comment what you think.****

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