"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


27. Saturday 4 ♡

Saturday 4 ♡

I was listening to the radio and the guy says

Next up 5 Seconds Of Summer!!!

And a song I never heard before starts playing.

Within a minute I was all packed up

I've got a ticket to another world

I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go

Silent words are hard to speak

When your thoughts are all I see

Don't ever leave, she said to me

When we both fall asleep

Underneath the same sky

To the beats of our hearts

At the same time

So close but so far away

Can you hear me?

She sleeps alone

My heart wants to come home

I wish I was, I wish I was

Beside you

She lies awake,

I'm trying to find the words to say

I wish I was, I wish I was

Beside you

Another day and I'm somewhere new

I made a promise that I'd come home soon

Bring me back, bring me back to you

When we both wake up

Underneath the same sun, time stops

I wish that I could rewind

So close but so far away

Then I turn the radio off, I've heard enough and tears were pouring down my face.

That song was written for me.

Tomorrow I leave on the plane to fly out and see Luke, tomorrow is the day.

I go to my room and start packing some of my things.

I go out to my car and get my Bad Things book and go back inside the house closing the door behind me.

I jot down a couple more things then I pack it up too.

The book was nearly full.

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