"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


21. Saturday 3 ♡ Part 2

Saturday 3 ♡ Part 2

Ashton just randomly walks out the door saying his mom wants him home but I know he's lying. So I tell everyone I'm going to the bathroom, but really I go upstairs and sneak out the window and start to follow Ashton.

He stops and sits down at a bench alone looking sad.

I go and sit next to him which shocks him.

He looks up at me "What are you doing here?" He asks.

"I wanted to check on you I know you were lying Ash." I say.

Ashton smiles.

"You should get back home and stop wasting your time on me." Ashton whispers.

I grab his chin gently and make him look at me

"Ash your my best friend and I rather be with you than some stupid Christmas Party." I say smiling.

I grab him by his waist and pull him into a hug and he hugs me back.

I let go of the hug.

"I'm sorry..." I say about to cry and get up running.

So many things were going through my head as I was running.

I run straight back to my place and as I'm walking in the door Stacey is walking out.

"I thought you went to the bathroom" Stacey whispers.

"Nah I snuck out and followed Ashton, he didn't really have to go home." I say.

"Why are you crying?" Stacey asks.

"Got a lot on my mind, why are you leaving?" I ask.

"It got boring." She says.

Next thing I know Stacey pulls me into her and starts kissing me I push her off and say "Woah we can be friends and all but I only like boys sorry." I say.

"I understand, oh and will you please tell your friend Ashton im lesbian?" Stacey adds.

"Sure" I say and she starts walking home.

I text Ashton exactly what Stacey tells me.

Then I walk in the house.

"Where'd you go?!" Luke said running up to me and putting his arms around me.

"Went for a walk to clear my mind" Is all I say.

"How about I take you out?" Luke looks down at me and smiles looking into my eyes.

"Sure Lukey." I say staring him back in his eyes.

We leave our house with the necklaces he got on both our necks, leaving the others in our house.

About 30 minutes later we arrive to a cabin in the mountains.

We both got out of the car and rushed inside.

The lights were dim and the fireplace was lit, and slow music was playing.

I turn around to say something and see shirtless Luke standing there close.

He quickly pressing his lips against mine and pulls me up by my thighs and up on to him. He carries me over to the huge couch never breaking the kiss and lays me down gently.

Our tongues wander around each other mouths.

He starts taking off my shirt and kisses everywhere and I do the same to him.

I pull my hands down to his jeans and I look at him and he lets me.

I un-do his pants and he undoes mine.

We keep kissing, more and more.

Then the lights go out.

But we just continue.

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