"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


20. Saturday 3 卌 Part 1

Saturday 3 卌 Part 1

*Since this chapter is based on Christmas, and christmas Is 4 days away this chapter is point of view of Ashton, and every time it says the day and a 卌 next to it, it's Ashton's point of view.*

It's Christmas!

I woke up by the noise of my dog barking as the carolers came to each door and was at ours.

I reach over to the side of my bed and hit the button to the dogs collar & it shocks him which makes him shut up real quick.

I get out of bed and slide on some bedroom shoes.

I drag myself into my bathroom and get ready. After I wash my face im wide awake.

I run downstairs and smell breakfast. I quickly go into the kitchen and sit down at the table while my mom hands me a plate of breakfast casserole. I start stuffing my face and I hear my siblings yelling from the other room what there presents were. You would think they won a million dollars. I finish up my breakfast and go into the living room with the others.

I see a stack of presents waiting for me.

Christmas just isn't exciting as it used to be when I was younger.

I slowly open all my presents and the only one I really like is a new drum set.

I text Luke asking if I could come over & a few minutes later he texts back yes.

I tell my mom I'm going out and put on a coat and kiss my mom goodbye.

I decided to walk to Luke's because I need more excersize.

I walk by houses and see through the windows of excited kids opening presents and kids having fun outside on there new bikes or playing basketball with there new hoops or something like that.

I put in my headphones and turn on my music.

A second later I feel something hit my hand and I look up, it was snowing.

I then start to run to Luke's and when I get on his block im out of breath.

So I go up and knock on a brightly lit house's door.

A beautiful brown and blonde haired girl who looked about 18 opened the door and I smiled.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hey, I was on the way to my friends house and it started snowing and now I'm out of breathe, can I come inside for a few minutes?" I ask calming down & smiling.

"Sure." She says letting me in the house & closing the door behind me.

"Want some hot chocolate?" The girl says heading to her kitchen while I sit down on the couch and start to watch tv, she had the movie Frozen on.

A couple minutes later she comes back into the living room with 2 hot chocolates and a big green blanket.

She comes and sits right next to me on the couch.

She hands me my hot chocolate and I take a sip.

Then the girl giggles and asks "Do you want me to change the movie?"

"Nah I love Frozen." I answer her.

"So what's your name?" She asks me looking at me.

I look back at her while her pretty brown eyes meet mine.

"Ash..Ashton" I stutter.

"Nice name I'm Stacey." She says to me.

We finish our hot chocolate and the movie Frozen and by the end of the movie, we were cuddled up together.

I pull out my phone and look at the time, an hour late I should get there before he starts to worry.

I get up and Stacey asks me if I want a ride to Luke's.

"Sure" I say since he is just down the road.

We go outside and get in her car and she drives me to Luke's.

I start to get in the car and before I shut the door I ask her "Do you wanna come with?" She smiles and shuts off her car and get out. We walk up to Luke's door and he answers.

"Hey ash, who's the lady?" Luke asks.

"I'm Stacey, what's your name?"she says.

"Luke." Luke says and he lets us in.

I see Calum, Michael,Ansley,Tiffany, and Becca sitting on the couch as I walk in the room.

I introduce everyone to Stacey and Becca seems a little mad.

Then I get a phone call.

I go into the next room and take the call.

When I hang up I am so excited & happy.

I go back into the room and call Calum,Luke, and Michael into the room im in and tell them the news.

They all scream like little girls.

We all walk back casually in the room because we decided to keep it a secret for a little bit.

So we decide to perform for everyone.

When we get done all the girls cheer and we start to open presents.

When Ansley opens her present from Luke it was a necklace with half a heart and Luke took the other half.

Then I interrupt, "Uhh my mom just texted I gotta go home." {I lied. }I say causing everyone to look at me.

"Wanna ride home?" Stacey asks.

"No.." I say getting up and rushing out Luke's front door.

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