"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


13. Saturday 2 ♡

Saturday 2 ♡

Luke left right after everybody started coming up to me at the hospital yesterday.

When my alarm clock went off this morning at 10 I didn't even get up I just hit snooze.

At Least I'm at home now but now there is a lock on the medicine cabinet, and my dad says if I ever need medicine again to ask him first.

I get a text from a un-known number. It said:

Meet me at the Local Park at 2:00 pm today and bring your brother.

It was a sketchy text but I got up and took a shower and then put on a long sleeved skull shirt and some white jeans and my black converses.

I went to my brothers room to see him playing video games with his girlfriend.

When did they start hanging out so damn much?

I walked over to my brothers Xbox and turned it off.

"Hey what are you doing, I was just about to win!" He screamed at me.

"Put on your shoes I'm taking Georgia home and we are going to the park."

"I don't wanna go to the park!" He screamed at me again.

"We have to now get ready we are leaving in 5 minutes." I said.

In 5 minutes we were all ready and we got in the car.

My brother and his girlfriend got in the back seat.

We pulled up to her house and she kissed my brother on the cheek and got out the car.

Derek got out of the car too and walked her up to her front door.

What a gentleman.

They kissed on the lips and she went in the house and Derek came and got in the passenger seat and we arrived at the park.

Just when we were about to get out the car I get a text from Luke.

Hey Ansley, wanna come over later?

I texted him back

Sure I'll be over there later.

Then Derek and I got out the car and started walking to the bench in the middle of the Park.

We sat down on the bench.

"What are we doing here anyways?" Derek asked.

And then a man spoke coming behind us and said "To see me."

We turned around and it was Josh from the adoption agency.

"What are you doing here Josh?" I asked.

"I decided I should tell both of you." He said coming up to us and sitting next to us.

Me & Derek look at him.

"Tell us what?" Derek asked.

"That im both of yours father." Josh said looking at us both.

Derek hugged him and I just sat there staring at him blankly.

"So that's how you knew about the cheating part." I say.

"Yes." My real dad said.

Then I ask "Are you married dad?"

"No I live alone with 2 dogs with the names of Jayk & SJ." My dad says.

"Can me and Derek move in with you so we don't have to move in with our adoption mom to USA?" I ask.

"It's up to your adoptive dad, and you two would have to go to a different school." Dad says.

"What?! No way! I'm not going, im not leaving Georgia!" Derek said.

"Well I guess you can stay with dad and have mom take you to USA with her." I say.

"Fine, I'll move in too." Derek says after a minute of thinking.

"Great let's go speak to Drew about it." My dad says.

I get in my car with Derek and my real dad follows behind us to my house.

Me and Derek rush out the car and run inside

"DAD!" I scream.

We couldn't find him so I go to his room.

"AHHHHHH!" I scream.

There was my dad lying in his floor in a pile of blood.

I run up to him and kneel next to him to feel his pulse.

Dead. He's dead.

"What is it Ansley?" My real dad comes running into the room with Derek behind him.

I get up allowing them to see my other dad laying there dead.

"I'll call 911!" My real dad screams quickly pulling his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed 911.

"They will be here shortly they said!" My real dad said hanging up his phone.

My brother starts busting out crying hitting the wall and runs out of the room, I follow him to his room as we hear the police pull up outside rushing in the house.

"It will be okay" I say to Derek rushing in his room.

"I know but now we only have 1 dad." Derek says.

He starts to pack.

"You still moving in with our real dad im guessing?" I say.

"Yeah.. I have to im not moving to USA." Derek says still crying.

I start to cry and run to my room but on the way I stop next to my dads room and hear a police man say

He was murdered.

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