"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


1. Monday ♡

*** The heart next to the chapter name means it's the point of view of Ansley, if it's a infinity sign next to the chapter name its the point of view is Luke***


"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."

"Ansley wake up it's time for school!" I hear my dad scream from downstairs.

I jump up, running straight out of my bed to downstairs.

"No running in the house sweetie." My dad says while I sit down at the table eating my pancakes quickly.

Just as my dad was about to say something again I get up and run upstairs again.

I run over to my closet and grab some clothes and run to the bathroom beating my little brother to it.

I put on my ripped Blink 182 shirt and some black skinny jeans and slide on my red vans.

I brush my teeth and comb my hair.

I wash off my face and start putting on my makeup.

I hear a knock on the bathroom door

"Hurry up" my little brother says from outside the door.

"Hold on!" I yell finishing up my makeup and start to put in my nose ring.

Then I open the bathroom door and in falls my brother plopping to the ground.

I laugh and start to run back to my room and grab my book bag and my phone.

I run downstairs again and start to run out the front door.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" My dad says before I'm fully out the door.

Shit I think to myself.

Today is one of the days I take my brother to school.

I run back upstairs and bust threw the bathroom door and grab my brother pulling him out the bathroom.

"Hey! I still need to brush my teeth!" He yells.

"Too bad" I say to him. I run into his room and hand him his book bag.

Then I run downstairs once more and he follows me and we get in my car.

I grab a mint out of my book bag when we get in the car and hand it to him.

"Here" I say.

Then I drive him to school quickly.

After I drive him to school I look at the time on my phone.


I start to quickly speed to school which causes me to get pulled over.

Finally he gives me the ticket and I head to school slower than I was.

I finally arrive at school and now it was 7:46.

4 more minutes and he will be here i excitedly think to myself getting out of my car and walk into the school or should I call it hell.

Atleast I'm in 11th grade and have one more year of school left.

I go straight to my locker and start to get my things already.

My best friend Nicole walks up to me.

"Hey girl" she says to me.

"Hi" I say back.

"You coming to the skate park tonight?"she asks me.

"Sure I'll get there around 7" I reply.

Then she leaves my locker.

Right as I close my locker with my books in my hand I look over to the door and see Luke Hemmings walk in the entrance door.

I fix my hair.

I start to walk over to him.

"Hey Luke" I say trying to sound as cool as possible.


"Are you coming to the skate park tonight?" I ask.

"Yeah I'll be there probably skating a little, are you coming?"he says.

"Yeah I'm going with my friend Nicole."

"Awesome... Meet me at my locker before lunch okay?" He says smiling.

"Sure." Then he walks away leaving me standing there like an idiot.

The bell rings.

I hurry to class and walk in and take my seat.

Luke isn't but in one class with me and it's at the end of the day.

The teacher walks in and a couple of minutes later the class starts.

I just doodle in my notebook thinking of Luke.

"Ms. Marie? Can you answer the question for us?" The teacher asks me.

I look up.

"Uhhh... 41?" I say quietly, my face turning a bright red.

"Incorrect." Everyone starts to laugh.

I put my head down on my desk.

I should start to pay attention more in math.


Finally class is over.

I hurry to my locker and exchange my books.

I head in my next class language arts.

Atleast Nicole is in the class so I don't bore myself to death.

"Seattle down class" the teacher says.

"Today we are gonna work in groups of 4." Mr.Duncan says.

I pair up with Nicole and 2 other friends of mine.

"I will hand each group a piece of paper and the 4 of you will fill it out together. When done , come grab a poster from the front of the class and make it on the topic on the worksheet. The grade will be based on how well you parcipate and how well the poster is." Mr. Duncan says.

He hand us a worksheet and it happens to be on music.

"Let's do a certain genere of music!" Tiffany sparks up.

"How about punk rock?" Becca asks.

I laugh.

"Sure."I say.

We fill out the worksheet together & Nicole walks up to the front of the room and grabs a neon pink poster.

"So are you two going to the skate park tonight?" I ask Tiffany & Becca.

"I am!" Becca Sparks up.

"Same" Tiffany says.

Nicole comes back with the poster and we all write our names on it one by one.

Then the bell rings which means it's the end of class and it's time for lunch!

I rush out to my locker and stuff my books in it. Then I walk over to Luke and he was finishing putting his books in his.

He grabs my hand and pulls me to a door in the school I've never seen before.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"You'll see." He says.

He pulls me through the door and it goes down a flight of stairs.

When we get to the bottom I look around the room and it's lit with candles and there is a table there with a picnic basket laying on it.

"Ladies first" he says pulling the chair out for me.

I sit down and then he does across from me.

He pulls 2 coca colas , 2 PBJ sandwiches and 2 bags of chips out of the basket.

"Wow so fancy" I say giggling.

"Shut up" he says laughing also.

I grab one of eat and start to eat and so does he.

"After school I was thinking you could come over?" He asks.

Immediately I say yes without hesitating.

My heart starts to beat faster.

We finish our food. And music starts to play.

Slow music.

Luke grabs my hand and pulls me up.

He swirls me around and we slow dance until the slow song ends.

He leans in and just when we were about to kiss, we hear the bell ring from upstairs.

Ugh I think to myself.

He walks over and turns off the music.

"We better get to class" he says pulling me up the stairs.

I come out the door first and he comes behind me. We both head to class.


Finally my last class arrives , the one Luke is in with me.

I walk in the classroom and take my sit. Moments later Luke walks in and takes his seat which happens to be behind me.

The teacher begins her lesson on whatever science stuff we talk about.

Blah blah blah

And I fall asleep.

"Ansley wake up. Class is over." I hear the sweet voice saying to me as I yawn and get up wiping the droll off my face.

How embarrassing.

I go to my locker and put my things up and grab my book bag.

When I close my locker Luke is standing next to my locker leaning against it.

"Let's go" he says smiling.

I smile back and follow him out the doors to his car.

Even though I already knew where his car is, it isn't like I watch to see where he parks everyday...

He opens the car door for me allowing me to get in.

He goes around and gets in the drivers side and starts the car.

We drive to his house.

When we finally arrive at his house, it was about 3:30.

"I wanna show you something" he says getting me out the car and pulling me to something in the backyard.

It was a beautiful treehouse.

We both climb in.

The treehouse didn't have a roof so we just lay there together on the floor of it looking up at the sky.

"That cloud looks like a dick." Luke says grinning.

I laugh.

He turns to me

"Ansley I-

But he gets cut off by the ring of his phone.

- hey

- okay

- be there in a few

- bye

"What was that about?" I ask when he hangs up.

"We have to leave for the skatepark now."he says.

We both get out of the tree house and head back to his car and I get in.

"I'll be right back." Luke says running into his house and coming back out with a skateboard.

He puts it in the back of the car then he gets in the car.

When we get to the skatepark I jump out of the car and run over to Nicole , Becca & Tiffany and we start talking.

A little while later I see the blonde hair boy start skating.

"Shut up Luke's skating" I say to them.

I watch as he does so. And he looks good while he does.

When he finishes everyone claps and I see a girl come up to him and I start to get angry. Then I don't see them anymore.

I leave my friends and go to look for Luke.

Finally I see him sitting on the curb next to his car on his phone.

"What's up with you?" I say taking a seat next to him."

"Oh nothing im just not allowed to skate here anymore because apparently I suck."

"You do not!" I say loudly making him look up at me.

"Really?" He asks.

"Yeah they are just too stupid to see it." I say.

Luke pulls something out of his pocket.

"Want one?" He asks.

"Sure" I say.

He hands me a cigarette and he gets one too.

He lights up his and then he lights up mine for me.

"What were you saying earlier to me in the treehouse before we left?" I ask.

"I was saying that Ansley you're really cool." Luke says.

I sigh. "Oh okay."

We finish up our cigarettes.

"Wanna ride home?" He asks me.

"Actually can I stay the night with you?" I ask suddenly I was braver than I usually am.


We head to his house and go to his room.

"Mom a friend is staying over." Luke screams from his room then shutting the door.

He puts in the movie and says

"I'll be right back I got to take a shower."

He goes into the bathroom and I take off my shoes climbing into his bed.

About 20 minutes later he rushes in his room again with only a towel around his waist.

"Forgot my underwear." He says rushing to get them and running back to the bathroom.

He's got nice abs.

I laugh.

A couple minutes later he comes back out.

"Nice abs" I say.


He grabs more clothes out of his dresser and throws them at me.

"You can wear those" he says.

I get out of his bed and start to take off the clothes im wearing and put on his. When I get done I look over to Luke and he's staring.

"What do I look funny? I ask.

"No.. Not at all."

We both climb back in his comfy bed and start to cuddle while we fall asleep watching a movie.

*** Tell me what you think about it so far!!! Was it a long enough chapter?***

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