"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


15. Monday 3 ♡

Monday 3 ♡

This has been the worst Monday of my life.

I didn't sleep at all last night and I sure as hell ain't going to school today.

I sleep at Luke's last night and I'm still at his house.

Liz said I could move in with them since there is 2 extra rooms where Luke's 2 other brothers room before they moved out.

They moved all my things here yesterday. I'm in the room next to Luke's.

I have been writing in a book all night.

I named the book Bad Things it's about all the bad things that's been happening lately.

What I have wrote in there so far is

-Found out I was adopted.

-Lied to about who my real parents where.

-Believed Luke was my half brother for almost a week when he wasn't.

-My adoptive dad died.

-My brother died.

-The guy who murderd my adoptive dad is unknown.

-Josh is still not caught for lying to me and my brother, and then murderding my brother.

-Still don't know who my real parents are.

I hear a knock on my bedroom door and close my little book and throw it under my bed.

"Come in." I say.

Luke opens my door and comes and sits down on my bed.

"Are you okay?" Is the first thing he asks.

"Not really, you aren't going to school either?" I ask him because he was only in his boxers.

"Nope I wanna stay here with you" Luke said.

"The only good thing about all of this is your not really my half brother." I said smiling.

"Yeah so now I can do this again." Luke says and then crawls up on top of me and starts kissing me & I return the kiss. Then he lets go and we both smile.

Luke turns over and plops himself right next to me on my bed.

"I wonder who my real parents are though" I sigh.

"We can go look for them tomorrow."Luke says.

"Yeah my brothers.... Funeral is today.." I say tearing up.

Luke hugs me and says "I will always be here for you Ansley, always."

We just sit there on my bed hugging then Liz comes walking in the room "Get ready love birds" she says in a sad voice.

Luke & I get out of my bed and I go over to my dresser and find another black dress but this time I wasn't going to cover up my tattoos because my brother loved them.

I start taking off my pajamas and put on my dress. I felt Luke staring.

After I get on the dress I slide on my heels and then go into the bathroom and out on makeup and my black nose ring and fix my hair. I brush my teeth. And right when I was about to walk out the bathroom Luke walks in, in a black suit.

He pushes me up against the wall and starts kissing me deeply. I kiss him back passionaltly.

He stops and says "You're so beautiful Ansley Marie." And then starts kissing me again which turns into making out.

After about 5 minutes I pull away and we both smile and lock our hands together and head out the bathroom to Liz's car.

Luke makes me so happy even in my hardest times.

Liz starts the car and we drive down to the funeral, my brother was being buried right next to my adoptive dad.

Me and Luke get out the car still holding hands.

I see Georgia.

I let go of Luke's hand and run up to her she was standing at his casket looking down at him and she was crying.

I hug her and she hugs me back.

"I him... Ansley... but now.. he's gone." She said crying.

"I loved him too he was the best little brother in the world." And I started crying.

Luke starts walking towards me and I let go of Georgia.

We all go take a seat and I take one with Georgia on one side of me and Luke on the other.

The preacher begins and when he's done we go say our goodbyes just like what happened yesterday at my dads funeral.

I go up to the casket alone and see the lifeless body which was once filled with so much love and joy and which once had my happy brother in it.

I start to bust out crying again and say "At Least your in a better place now Derek, everybody misses you including Georgia, I miss you the most though I'm the most torn , I loved you more than anybody in the world little brother, I still love you and always will and I will always remember you, please watch over me and have fun with our adoptive dad up there and tell God I said hi, have fun with the other little boys and girls up there buddy, I love you" I say and look at him once more and go sit back down.

When everybody is gone they were about to lift him in the ground but I yell "Wait!" And run up to the casket and put in a picture of me and him in there and then go and sit back down and watch them lower him into the ground.

When they are finished I and other release balloons in the sky, my balloon said "I will come see you every Monday brother."

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