"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


8. Monday 2 ♡

Monday 2 ♡

I rush into my last class quickly sitting down.

"Today class we are working with partners." The teacher says when he arrives in the classroom.

I turn around and look at Luke, he moves his desk next to mine.

We start to talk a little.

"Okay class hush down." The teacher says while he starts handing on the work sheets.

"So what are you doing for Christmas Ansley?" Luke asks me while he tries to figure out the first problem.

"I don't know I might go to a Christmas party." I say.

He looks up at me "You can come over Christmas and any day on Christmas break next week." He says smiling.

"Thanks" I say, while trying to do the 2nd problem on the sheet.

We finish and Luke brings it up to the teacher.

"Thanks you two I will grade it tonight." The teacher says and then the bell rings.

I was on the way to my locker and a boy runs into me "Watch where your going bitch." He screams in my face getting spit all over my face.

I look back and see Luke, an angry Luke.

Luke pulls the guy back and turns him to facing him.

"You say one more word to her and you will regret it." Luke says to him with his eyes narrowing.

The guy turns to me and says "One more word."

Luke turns him back to him and punched the guy in the face with all his might.

The guy falls back to the floor. And teachers rush up to them both pulling them into the office.

I laugh trying to hold it in and get the things out my locker.

I go out to my car and just about when I was about to get in Luke calls "Wait!" He runs up to me and gets in my car with me.

"What're you doing?" I ask.

"Let's go to the mall." He says excitedly.

"You sound like a teenage girl." I say laughing pulling out of the school driveway.

So I drive to the mall.

We get out the car and Luke grabs my hand and pulls me into the mall.

"So what do you want for your Christmas present?" He asks smiling at me.

"You" I say.

He looks back in shock.

I smile and so does he.

He looks me straight in the eyes and looks into both of my eyes and asks

"Ansley Marie will you be my girlfriend?"

And at that moment it felt like it was only Luke & I, that we were the only 2 people on earth.

"Yes!!!" I kinda scream

He pulls me into a kiss and we both smile in the kiss.

The most meaningful kiss I've ever had.

We drag each other through the mall taking turns buying each other gifts.

When it's about dark out we leave and head over to Luke's house.

When we get in his house I ask "So what's the punishment at school?"

"Suspended for the rest of the week." He says.

"Thanks for standing up for me but school without you the rest of the week is gonna suck!!" I say.

He kisses me.

My phone rings and I stop the kiss.

I pull my phone out my pocket


- Hey Sweetie

"Who is this?"

- Your mom of course, who else?


- Cheer up baby girl, you should be happy after all didn't your father tell you?

"Tell me what?"

- That I got out of Prison silly! This weekend I'm coming to get you and your brother and we're moving back to the USA.

My face drops.

"What?! I'm not going!"

- ( my mom laughs) Oh yes you will sweetie or your dad goes to jail.

And then the phone call ends.

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