"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


5. Friday ♡

Friday ♡

The boy I saw yesterday at the concert, we met when Luke wasn't looking and tonight we have a date.

I was daydreaming about Calum the boy from the concert and I was inuruppted by Luke asking me "Wanna come over after school?"

"No I have plans" I quickly say.

"Oh" is all he says and he walks away.

After school ends I rush home and change clothes and fix my makeup and hair.

I put on a blue dress that shows every curve and detail on my body showing my tattoos with the cuts on them, hopefully he doesn't notice. I change my nose ring to a blue one and put on some blue heels.

I grab my phone and a blue purse and rush out the house.

I arrive at a new restaurant called sauces for 5 and walk in.

I pay and see Calum sitting there in a nice suit looking very handsome.

I go and sit in front of him.

"Dang you look gorgeous Ansley."

I blush "Not to bad yourself Mr.Hood."

He laughs.

The waiter comes over and takes our order.

"I'll have Um.. The steak combo." Calum says looking at me the whole time.

"I'll take a salad" I say smiling.

Calum hands the waiter some money and he leaves.

I pull out my phone and take a picture of us.

After I take the picture and put my phone up Calum asks me

"Wanna come over and chill afterwards?"

"Chill?" I say.

"Yeah" Calum says.

"Nah, that's how you end up wi chil-dren."

We both laugh.

The food and drinks finally come, at this restaurant they give you homemade surprise drinks.

We start eating.

Calum says "The cuts,what are they for?"

"Oh nothing' I say trying to cover them up with my hand.

He puts his hand on top of my hand that's on my cuts.

"Seriously why?" He asks.

" I get bullied at school sometimes no biggie." I say quietly.

"How could they bully a beautiful girl like you? Who are they I will beat there ass."

"Everyone" I say.

He frowns.

We finished our dinner and we get in his car.

I tell him my address, but really I tell him Luke's and he drives me there.

"Text me, okay?" He says while I get out the car.

"Okay."I say.

When he is out of sight I knock on Luke's door.

His mother opens the door.

"Come in, are you looking for Luke?" She says to me smiling.

"Yes mam." I say

"Luke a girl is here to see you." She screams and walks away somewhere in the house.

Luke comes running to where I'm at and smiles and gives me a hug.

"You look really beautiful Ansley." He says looking me up and down.

"You dressed up to come see me?" He asks.

"I had to go somewhere then I came that's why I dressed up." I say.

"Where'd you go?" He asks while we start to walk to his bedroom.

I told him everything and he started laughing because of the children joke.

"So you told the guy this is your place?" Luke asks.

"Yup." I say kicking off my heels landing somewhere in his floor.

"Have something I can change into?" I ask.


Luke goes to his drawer and pulls out a big green day shirt and some black sweat pants and hand them to me.

I take off the dress in the place I was standing and I was just about to start to put on the clothes Luke gave me when he jumps on top of me landing me onto his bed.

His hot breathe hits my neck.

He starts taking off his shirt to where our bare skin was touching.

He brings his mouth up to mine.

I push myself into his lips and start kissing him but it gets more heated and his hands start moving down my body feeling all my curves.

He starts kissing every inch of my body except for the parts my bra and underwear were covering.

He stops at my tattoos and instead of kissing them with lust he gently kisses all my cuts then he looks up at me and says

"No matter what I say or anyone says you will always be perfect Ansley."

I smile and start to kiss him again my hands playing with his blonde perfect hair.

Finally he lets go of the kiss.

"You should put on them clothes now" Luke says leaving me confused.

I get out of his bed and throw on the clothes he gave me and Luke changes into some sweat pants and leave his shirt off.

Me and him both get in his bed and start to snuggle.

I look up at him, "Why didn't you try anything Luke?" I ask.

"Because I respect you and your body and don't want to rush."

I smile and my eyes become heavy and I fall asleep in Luke's arms.

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