"Mondays are the days he is nice to me."


19. Friday 3 ♡

Friday 3 ♡

I wake up and Luke & I are on the couch.

I wake Luke up.

Liz walks in "Mornings Guys, I missed you 2"

Then she basically jumps on Luke & I hugging us.

"I brought you both back something." Liz says getting up and running to the kitchen and coming back with 2 bags.

I open mine and see a big picture of me and Luke kissing & Luke gets the same thing.

"It's perfect" I say and run upstairs with Luke behind me.

I rush in my room and hang it on my wall and go in Luke's he was just now finishing hanging up his then he turns around . He looks at my wrist and asks "what's that?"

I take off the bandage and say "Oh I forgot I got a tattoo other day of this." He smiles and pulls me into a kiss.

Then my phone rings.

I let go of the kiss and answer it.


-Hey this is the police department we were scheduled to put your mother on the death penalty other day but we couldn't get in touch with you so we held it till today.

-Oh yeahhh

-So can you come over now? And then we can do it. Thanks.

-Yes, Okay bye Mr.

Then I hang up the phone.

Luke asks "What was that?"

"The police they said we need to get over there so they can do the death penalty on my mom, because other day they couldn't get in touch with me to do it." I say.

So Luke starts to get dressed and I run into my room and get ready.

I go back into his room and grabs his hand and we walk downstairs.

"Where you going?" Liz asks sitting on the couch watching tv.

"To the police department, my mom is having her death penalty." I say.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie." Liz says.

"It's okay she deserves it!" I say.

I go over to Liz and me & Luke give her a hug and then head out the door.

We get in the car and Luke gets on my phone.

As soon as we get there I park and Luke starts poking me a lot.

"What?!" I say.

And turn to him and his mouth was wide open, he shows me my phone.

3 million hits on YouTube.

I hug him and he texts the boys off my phone, then we get out of the car and go up to the lady at the front desk.

She opens a door for us and tells us to go in there.

When we get in there it was a big glass in the room which separated this room and the room where my mom was gonna die.

I guess the lady told the cops we were here and they start bringing my mom into the other room where she was to be killed.

My eyes narrow.

Luke says "Are you ready for this?"

I squeeze his hand harder and say "Ready than ever."

The cops bring her and strap her into a chair.

One of the cops pulls out a big needle and puts some red medicine in it.

Then slowly he walks over to my mother and then he looks at me.

The man asks my mother "Any last words?"

She looks straight at me and mouths "I will always love you Ansley, even if you hate me forever."

I squeeze Luke's hand harder.

Then the cop injects the needle slowly in her arm which causes her to become blue.

When all the medicine is gone and is in her body the blue body goes to a lifeless body. Other cops bring in a white death bed and Unstrap her and put her on it rolling her out of the room.

I glance over to Luke and he has tears in his eyes.

Then the door buzzes telling us it's time to leave and we do.

*Sorry to @band.obsessions that somebody died again but she really deserved to , but I promise nobody good will die for a while.*

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