How to survive the teen life.

I'll write some things about my expiring about being a teenager so far and give some advise.. But it's up to you if you actually wants my advise


2. Heartbreaks :-(

Yeah, Everyone have tried it and it's not funny. At the moment you just thinks *how could I ever be that stupid?* or *what did I ever see in him?*

Heartbreaks can be a lot of things it can be you friend who'd hurt you or a guy.

(An experince I had a few weeks ago)

I were texting this really cute and sweet guy.

Two days were we hadn't been texting. I was going to the wall to get something for my mom. When I reached there I found the thing to my mom and was about to pay for it, then I saw the guy I like, the guy I hated and their friends. They were looking at me and the guy I hate points at me "Hey look over there what the fuck is she doing in here?!" he says loud and they ALL starts laughing, also the guy I liked who I thought liked me to was laughing. I ran out without the thing to my mom and when I came home I started crying and I was just thinking *what an idiot how could I ever been having a crush on that guy?* I was heartbroken.


Yes thats what happened, heartbreaks can be a lot of thing like this; the guy you like emberings you in front off his friends and a lot of other people. I'm almost over him now and when a guy breaks you heart the best you can do is just act like you forgot him and every word he'd ever told you and just move on.

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