The Names Ashtynn

Im Ashtynn. Im Luke hemmings sister. It explains it all in the book.


2. Water Guns and New Friends.


Ok so im just chillin outside on the patio all by myself. I dont know where the boys went. They just left without telling me. They do this alot. So i didnt really care. 

Then i look up and see all the boys standing there. I didnt hear them come in.

"oh hey" I say with a confused look on my face.

Dallas tosses me a watergun. Oh. Shit. This isnt gonna end well.

Then they all pull water guns from behind they back.

"SHIT" I yell.

They all squirt me with what i think is water. Or maybe apple juice. Well i hope its nothing other than apple juice. 

They have been chasing me around for like 10 minutes. Im not winning. Its 7 against 1. I run away once again thinking i can get in the house and be safe but the door is locked. Then i turn around and Luke is holding the keys in his hand. I didnt see mikey anywhere. 

"AAAHHHHH" I scream. Mikey picks me up and runs over to the pool. "NO MIKEY DONT DO IIIII..."

he threw me in the pool. Then i hear 7 more splashes into the pool. Then when Lukes not looking I grab his but then grab the keys out of his pocket. I do the only thing i can and jump out the pool and run inside iat full speed. But of course i cant leave the door unlocked. So i locked it so the cant get in. So i walk up stairs and get changed.


"SHIT guys she highjacked the keys from my pocket and ran inside." i say

We all get out of the pool and walk over to the door. We pull on the handle and it wont open it. 

" Guys i think she locked the doors..." Calum says.

"oh really sherlock" Parker says sarcasticlly.

We keep on banging on the door. But she cant hear us. So we just sit down untill she comes back.


 I can hear them slamming on the door i just dont wanna let them in. And because im gonna go to the mall and i dont wanna be disdurbed by the boys. So i walk down stairs wearing some shorts and a tanktop. knowing im gonna get wet when i let the boys in. So i didnt get all fancy yet. 

So i walked down stairs and i see all tge boys sitting out side.

I walk over to the door and unlock it. The boys jump up and are ready to come in side. 

They burst threw the door and they all give me a big hug.

"NOW IM ALL WET AGAIN" i yell in all there ears." Well im going to the mall. Who wants to go with me im only taking two of you."

"ME" they all scream.

"uhhh what about Mikey and Calum" 

"What thats not fair those are your favorite out of us 7" Adyn said

"But bro i wanted to go come on im your brother" Luke complained

Dallas gives me the cutest little pouty face ever.

"Well you dont always get the thing you want'' I tell the boys.

" But they always go to the mall with you" Ashton says jokingly.

"Cuz ive known them the longest." I responde.

" What am i chopped liver" Luke says in defeat.

I dont responde and just go up stairs to get changed again. Calum, Luke, Dallas, and Mikey follow. There rooms are upstairs with mine. So i get changed into a grey sweatshirt that says 'Mondays Suck' with some pastel overalls, some grey zipper converse and a snapback.

They boys took longer than me to get ready. But finally they were ready and we were able to go.

Everytime i go somewhere i have a goal for myself. The goal for the mall is to make a new friend. I need a new friend. I dont like these fed up bitches. That are famous. I like non famous friends. So im gonna make a new one perferablly a girl. I mean for crying out load i live with 7 guys that always pull pranks on me its not cool.

So me Mikey and Calum all hop in my car and drive to the mall.


i wonder if Mikey will ever find out about Ashtynn liking him. I fell like why She always picks us is because Mikey is he crush and she doesnt want me to tell the rest of the house cuz then Aaron might found out Because of Adyns big ass mouth.

So we get to the mall finally. Ashtynn drives so fucking slow. But we still love her.

But right when we walk in the mall i see a huge smile grow on Ashtynns face.

"Whats going on" I ask Mikey

" I think Ashtynn found her victim for her new friend." Mikey answerd my question

Ashtynn runs over to the small table with the girl sitting at it.

She has Long brown hair. But i cant see her face. But sooner or later we had to runn over behind Ashtynn to catch up to her.

God shes fast. Shes been doing cross country since see was like 10.

But we finnaly got up to her.

But she was in mid conversation with this girl.

She was beautiful. With her Long brown hair and her beautiful eyes. Even her snakebites looked amazing. 

"Zaiyne these are 2 of my best friends Mikey and thats Calum." Ashtynn says as she points to each of us.

Zaiyne waves and Mikey then me. I can feel my face getting redder. Im blushing but hopfully Zayine doesnt notice. Or Ashtynn. She will spill my secrets to everyone.

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