The Names Ashtynn

Im Ashtynn. Im Luke hemmings sister. It explains it all in the book.


1. This is how it all begins

Hi. My name is Ashtynn. Ashtynn Hemmings. My Twin Brother is Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer.

If you dont know who they are you are living under a rock.

Im 18 years old. Tall with Lukes signature blue eyes that everyone loves. But i have bright red hair like my Best friend Michael. Michael Clifford.

But im also a drummer. I have my own band called 'Kill My Fantasy'. My Band was obviously inspired by 5 Seconds of summer.

Who am i kidding 5SOS copied us. I was in my band way before they started there band.

Adtually No one knows this but i was friends with Calum and Michael before Luke was.

I was in the same band class as them for like 4 years strait. Luke stole them from me one day well me, Mikey, and Calum were playing FIFA. It wasnt cool.

But besides that im going to school for Directing and videoediting in the fall. I was actually the person that made there first like 3 or 4 music videos with there original songs.

But my fav part of being lukes twin is i get to see Mikey everyday. Ive had a huge crush on him ever since i first laided eyes on  him.

But dont tell my boyfriend Aaron who just happened to be Michaels older brother.

Figures. Aaron will get so pissed if he found out. But thank god only calum knows that i like him.

But getting back to my band im the older out us four. Im again 18, Parker is 17, and Dallas and Adyn (Aidin) there 16 and twins. We all moved from Australia to California with the boys. The only thing i dont like is im the only girl.

1 girl 7 guys.

There is no privacy. Like Calum, Mikey, and Dallas like to walk around the house naked.

Its horrible. Even on tour. My band travels with 5SOS but we dont perform.

Were not big enough. We wanna get discovered on our own.

Not be discovered by people saying 'Hey look its that one band that has luke hemmings sister as the drummer' Thats not fair.

But Calum and Mikey were gonna be in my band but now there in Lukes band. He stole MY friends.

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