2. Mikey???


So my first attempt will be Michael Gordan Clifford.

He seems pretty chill.

He's still a virgin.

Which i was always amazed by.

But maybe that won't be any longer.

So i walk over to the boys.

"Hey boys, fancy seeing you here." I say while winking at Michael.

He blushes.

Got he's really hot.

Then Luke speaks. 

" Yeah i mean between me and you Ash it wasn't our fault this time."

"What do u mean this time???"

"Well Mikey was pulling a prank on the principal, and when one of us gets in trouble we all get put in detention. Mikey wasn't very careful today."

luke says and gives mikey a death stare.

"Well Luke i thing i can punish Michael for his bad behavior."

I say as i bite my lip and look at Mikeys pants.

Luke looks at me and gives me the nod of approval.

We can't do it in here we have to go some where else.

"Excuse me Mr. Reid Can i go to the bathroom, You know its that time of the month."

With out even looking up he lets me go.

That lie always works on guy teachers.

So i grab michael and we rush out of the Classroom.

I don't know what I'm gonna do to Mikey yet but its gonna be fun.

We rushed into the Boys bathroom.

Its a Sunday no ones her so its okay.


I have no idea whats going on.

But Luke just gave AshtYnn the node of approval.

I don't know AshtYnn like that.

But i have heard ALOT about her.

Also she's pretty sexy.

I wonder if she knows I'm a virgin still.

"You ready."

AshtYnn said getting really close to my face and looking at my lips.

"Ready for what???"

I question still not know whats going on.

"Don't worry i know your a virgin... But i can do something about that"

She says really sexually and tugging at the hem of my pant.

I know I'm a 'badd ass' but I'm not sure if I'm ready.

"Wait" I say sopping her. " Ash I'm not ready. But we could something else."

I say as i pull her face up to mine.

I kissed her lightly.

But she kissed harder.

It felt nice I had to admit.

"Jump" I wiser in her ear.

She jumps and wrapped her legs around my torso.

I grabbed her ass.

Oh My Fucking God.

She has an AMAZING ass.

I push her up against the wall so i have more control of what we do.  



 She says out of breath.

"I think I'm ready."

"Okay This should be really fun for you."


I can't belied i get to take Michael Clifford virginity.

What an honor.

Well for a one time deal.

"Michael i hope you know this is a one time thing"

I say hopeing he is still willing.

"Yeah i know."

He says with a little bit of a sad expression on his face.

So i lightly kiss him.

Then we move into a bathroom stale.

Michael whips my shirt off.

I do the same for him.

takes off my pants and under wear.

I once again do the same to him.

We only break our kiss twice.

Michaels naked.

Im left with just my bra on.

I grab a small package from my bra and take that off.

I open the small package and take out the condom.

I put in on michael.

He's ALOT bigger than you would expect.

Michael sees my confusion.

"Whats wrong Ash???"

"Nothing your just really fucking big."

I say and i look back up at him.

Hes blushing.

I speak again.

"But babe its ok i can handle it."

I kiss him passionately.

But i break the kiss. 

I show him how its done.

Then he finally thrusted into me.


I moan.

"oh my god. Im so sorry did i hurt you"

He says as he pulls out.

"No mikey its ok its just it felt SSSOOOO good."

He understands and thrusted into me again.

But this time harder.

ALOT harder.

But now he's going faster.

It just all felt so good.

But all of a sudden i stop him.

He looked really confused.

Then i kiss him and i take the condom off.

I can't take it anymore i need to fell him inside me.

I don't care if i get pregnant.

" Im sorry AshtYnn i don't want to get a girl pregnant my first time having sex. and we should get back to class."

He says.

I was so disapointed.

"Well let me finish you off" I say with a smirk on my face.

I then go down on my knees and start stroking his length.

I gradually went faster and faster.

Right as he was about to cum.

I put my mouth around it.

My tounge was having fun.

It was licking the tip.

Then it happened he cummed in my mouth.

I swallowed it and jumped back up to my feet.

I kissed Mikey softly.

He started kissing with passion.

My tounge tried entering his mouth.

He wouldn't budge.

So i stop kissing him.

I get my clothes back on.

Them walk out.

I walked really fast back to class.

Mikey was still in the bathroom when i got in the class.

The boys see me walk in and stare.

"Sorry it took so long Mr. Reid i was having troubles."

Luke looked at me.


"Wheres Mikey????"

I ask her.

I wonder what they did.

Ill have to ask.

​"He's still in the bathroom doing whatever you guys do after sex."

She responded.

 So they did have sex.

"So you guys did bang. Luke and Ashton i believe you both owe me 50 bucks."

Calum says.

"Damn it."

me and Ashton both say.

"You guys did that really fast" 

Ashton added.

"Well lets just say my tounge does wonders"

As AshtYnn kisses Calum.

It was a full blown tounge kiss.

then she stopped.

Calum looked so disappointed.

He tried kissing her again but she rejects it.

Then mikey walks in silently.

He throws he leather jacket on one of the seats.

He picks AshtYnn up and pushes her against the wall.

I guess he wasn't done with her.

They kissed.

But AshtYnn pulls away quickly.

Mikey puts her down.

Then BOOM Mikey gets slapped.

It was loud.

"Clifford I said it was a one time deal. It doesn't matter if it was you first time having sex or your millionth it is still a one time deal" 

She has a record of only having sex with a guy once.

She's pretty bad ass if you me.

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