Dangerous || L.T

People said he was dangerous, he's only hurt, wounded. And it's up to me to help, the person I love. But something is wrong...


1. I.


  Chapter 1.


There he was I look through my window, I sit up from the chair near my window, I look at the guy with body full of tattoos and piercings, he looks up from where he stands his blue eyes, I can't believe he's mine.

I've never been so in love with someone, like this.

My door opens," Rose?" my mother comes in, I nearly jump out of my chair, daydreaming the possibilities of Louis and I.

"Mother? Please knock next time." I close my books that I was "supposably" be studying.

"Rose, it's night how many times have I told you to close your curtains." I get up quickly, Louis.

"Mom I got it..."

"Why is that freak... out there? I don't want him near you at all."

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