Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


2. Chapter Two

I took a deep breath, wanting to get this over with quickly and followed the Gangly man to the large throne room. The room was full of light and the Gangly man led me to the middle of the throne room and motioned for me to stand there. 

Where I stood, facing the 7 Kings. Their thrones were in a semi-circle, and each one had their own view of me-between each throne stood large white columns but the largest and the terifyingest of them all were on both sides, In the center was the first king-King Silas, the oldest out of his 7 brothers. To his right was the second king, King Finnigan-who had his own secret fanclub back at home. To his right was Griffin, then Izaiah. To King Silas' left was Jasper, Soren, then Bo- the youngest, who's chair was in the shadows and who seems to be resting his legs on one of the arm rests,. He stared at me, his expression quirky, and his eyebrow raised. 

I looked ahead, trying to ignore all the pairs of eyes on me. The room was silent, except for the sound of breath. Against my will, my knees felt like jello. I held my arms tightly to my sides. 

"What is your name?" Asked King Silas. I lifted my chin, and in the corner of my eye I saw King Bo, a flash of white in the darkness as a smile erupted on King Bo's face. I ignored it. 

"Livia Pacey." I said. 


I sighed inwardly. "8." It had come out more curt than I'd meant, and I flinched at myself. State 8 was one of the poorest and worst States. With people living in shacks made of leaves on the sidewalks. All the violence, uprisings, and rebellions.  In all of the many years before, no 8 ever won. Ever made it past round 1. 8's were cursed they said. Bad luck. But then again so were the 13's. And they had won three times. 

I looked back at the Kings. The first made eye contact with the Second, and nodded. 

"Age?" Asked King Finnigan, his voice was high for his age, and he turned his head to the side in a smile, a shimmer in his eyes. 

"17." I replied strongly. 

"Birthday." asked King Finnigan, an eye brow quirked in question. 

''Yesterday.'' I basically growled. I'd be lucky to live now, I thought, dreadingly. My point was to not get in, and to not die. Look's like I'll do both. 

"Brother, may I?" Asked King Bo, speaking up suddenly, from his throne in the dark. "Soren did it last time." He seemed to complain. 

"Fine." Replied King Silas. King Bo sat up straighter. His brown hair, hit the light, and I could see how messy it was. It was very. 

'What do you enjoy doing on your free time?" he asked Smirking a bit. 

Um. That is hard, I thought. "Reading." I finally speak after a silence of my thinking. 

"What's your favorite book?" He asked me. That threw me off-guard. 

"How can I possible have one favorite book?" I asked. Suddenly regretting the words as soon as they exited my mouth. It was my usual answer to that question. I bit my lip. King Bo was smiling again, his eyes glinting in the dark. They asked me about my family-

''Do you have any siblings?'' In which I replied "Four older brothers?" 

"So I assume you are used to the...rough life?"

"Yes, Sirs.' I replied, ending that line of questions.

"You are done." Said King Silas, after a look from King Bo. As I turned around to leave the room, I saw a flash of a smile in a certain direction called mishcheif and also saw one to the direct right of the first Kings chair. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore others as I walk away. My back to the King's with King Bo and King Finnigan grinning at each other like fools. 

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