Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


22. Chapter Twenty Two

I heard tidbits of their conversations, competitive words while playing chess, some girls huddled together giggling in high voices, and whispering about who they liked. I wondered if thats what the Kings were doing also. I was pressed to sit around a round table, smooshed into other girls. As they began to pull out a deck of cards, my mind flash-backed to the conversation with the Kings the other day. How Finn was going to talk to the King. 

"Do you want to play?" Asked one of the girls, elbowing my side. 

'What?" I responded, blinking furiously, looking at the table. 

"Cards. Do you want to play?" She asked again 

"Sure." I responded, exhaling "I'm a wicked player. Beware." I grinned, flickering my eyebrows once. They laughed, one of the girls started to deal out the cards and I sat patiently until she was done and handed the cards to everyone. Someone put a card down and said "Three twos." I looked down at my cards and was about to call her out, but then someone else did. Scowling, the girl took her cards back. Someone put down cards, and then I did, and we went on. Shouting "B.S." At people. 

At home, with  George, Pat, Zeke and Theo, we used to play this game, but not exactly the same. No shortcuts were taken. We shouted the word at each other freely, and sometimes it got violent. I smiled, remembering one game in particular. Pat, had called "BS" on George, who hadn't lied and then Pat had accused George of somehow cheating and then the fists were taken out, and before I realized George, Pat, AND Theo, for some reason,  were all fighting and wrestling with each other, though I don't know how Theo got in there, and then Zeke and I sneaked away, and we hid under Gran's bed for hours, and later that night, when she went to go to sleep, and we heard our mother yelling at the other boys, we snuck out and saw Gran half undressed. I shivered. No matter how much I loved Gran, one could never fully get that image out of one's head.  

"Is anyone thirsty? I can you guys a drink?" I offered, wanting to stand up, not used to this. 



"Thanks."  Were the responses I got, 

"So how many of you?" I asked, 

"All of us." Replied Florence, smiling. I stood, and walked towards the little cart on the other side of the space. Filling up all nine cups at a time. I looked towards the black, swirling gate, and looked back down again, but as I looked down a flash of color hit my eyes. I looked up again quickly to see Bo, somewhat hiding in the bushes. I looked around, no one saw him, I looked back at him. He saw me and motioned for me to come with him. I smiled a bit and motioned for one more minute. Carrying four cups at a time, I brought back the waters and set them on the table. At the last one I bursted out saying. 

"I have to go." Then I swiftly walked the short distance to the fence. As my hands touched the shockingly cool metal, as it was a warm day, Bo whispered to me that he would please like a cup of water. I scowled at him and got him a cup, for which, he smiled. I opened the gate a tad, then slipped through. "How was your meeting?" I asked him, pushing my hair back from my face. 

"How do you think it was?"

"What was it about?" 

"King stuff." He replied. 

"Really? I think you're lying."

"Hm." He responded distantly. 

"I find it kind of weird that no one- none of the girls in there were stressing about the bodyguard thing. I mean, they were at first, but now they're not. I don't understand why. Right now, I just kinda want to start training, or something. I feel like this day is useless."
"It's not useless." Replied Bo, swooping his face close to mine, whispering he said "In fact its quite the opposite." Which made me blush. Bo laughed and entertained out fingers. "If you want to start training," He said, energetically and the opposite of what he sounded like a minute ago, "We can, I don't mind."

"Thanks." I replied and I looked around at the hedges around us. A little corner caught my eye. It wasn't really a corner, but more of a three sides square. Bo caught my line of vision and quickly and slightly aggressively pulled me towards him in a large hug. Then he carried me to the little stall, and kissed me. His fingers twined in my hair, and his lips were soft and warm.  

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