Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


23. Chapter Twenty Three

I melted in his embrace, my knees feeling wobbly and my legs like jello. But then as quickly as it happened, he pulled away. I could feel the twigs poking my head and knew that there must be leaves all over. Bo's eyes widened as he heard rustling, he held a finger up to his lips and gave a slight smile, he squeezed into the small space between one shoulder and the branches. I tried to push my other shoulder keeping into the other side of bushes. 

We heard a titter of voices and and Bo's hand quickly shot up and smoothed down some of my hair, and then his own. I bit my lip as the chatter of the girls started to vanish as they walked away. We waited an extra second before moving. 

"I think I'm ready to start training." I said solemnly. Bo grinned and it made my heart feel warm and forget my sudden bout of seriousness. "What are we going to start off doing, your royal highness?" I asked goofily, also smiling. Bo held out his hand and took mine in his, pulling us out of the maze he called back "Running!" 

"I hate running."

"So do I," Said Bo "But yet I still do it."

"I am morally denied even the thought of running." I said, hoping it made sense and that it was...the right words. I flinched as he turned her head back to face me. 

"How are you about hikes?"

"I love hikes." I said, remembering the one I had gone on when I was 8....9 years ago. 

"Do you?" Asked Bo, smiling at me. I nodded, 

"From what I remember..." I Said under my breath, hoping he didn't hear me. 

"Maybe we can all go on a hike, " He stated, thinking out loud "Up the hill, to the stream, that about....5 miles, and we can pack a lunch, and be back.... I HAVE TO GO TELL THE OTHERS!" HE suddenly shouted, I flinched as he yelled "Follow me!" And then began sprinting. Sighing, I tried to follow, trying to look ahead and watch where I was going at the same time, made me run into some walls, made me trip a few times and nearly run into people. So many people. 

"Bo!" I shouted, complaining, "Where have you gone?" 

"This way!" He yelled and before I could yell 'Where' a shoe flew through a grand doorway and I went that way and saw Bo furiously talking to his brothers and Finn, whose feet were propped up on a table, one foot was shoed and the other was not, and instead a ratty sock was being worn. He grimaced. A quick smile fleeted across my face at the vivacity Bo had, compared to the rest of the Kings. I noticed that Silas, for once, was out of focus, his eyes never staying in one place for longer than a few seconds, then his eyes seemed to see something and his face softened slightly. I looked back to see a guard, standing still, face like stone, in the corner of what appeared to be...the library, where the day before I had toppled off Bo's shoulders and the table...was the alcove. "What do you think, Si?" Bo asked King Silas. He responded gruffly, 

"Good idea. We shall tell the...girls." He hesitated, "Someone go get sandwiches and whatever else we need, someone else go get the girls and tell them, everyone else go get prepared," He sighed. "We are going on a hike." Bo grinned and all the Kings stood up, going to move places, I moved closer to Bo, my fingers barely touching his shirt. 

"Come on, Liv." He said, intertwining our fingers. and then pulling me behind him his room. He shut the door behind me, scrambling around, looking, he was then, suddenly on the ground, looking under his bed. "Aha!" He shouted half his body under the bed and he came out holding a pair of muddy...hiking boots. He grinned and stood, holding them, "Found them." I smiled a bit, wondering how so much had happened in such little time, but then I decided to ditch the thought and I looked around the room at all the poems. 

"These are beautiful." I say, turning around to see Bo...shirtless. I quickly turn back around again, my face flushing. 

"Thank you." Bo said, "Don't turn around right now." He said. I obliged and read another poem. About the moon and birds and it was...stunning. 

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