Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


26. Chapter Twenty Six

When we got to the castle and everyone split, promising to meet with each other in 15 minutes in the library. I stood still in front of the doors, watching Bo head down the corridor alone. I bit my cold lip and wondered where my room was again. Bo turned back when he had nearly reached the other wall. "Are you going to go to your room?" He called out. 

"Can't remember which way." I called out, my cheeks burned with stupid embarrassment. Bo laughed and gestured for me to follow him which I happily did. He took my hand and led us down many hallways to his room. I stopped outside the door and he pushed it open. I took a step in and sat on his bed and watched him dig through his clothes. 

"Don't look." He told me, looking at me. I stuck my tongue out and leaned back on his bed, looking at the poems on his ceiling. 

"Have these always been here?" I asked him, pointing to the ones above me.

"No." He said, his voice muffled. "Your getting my bed all wet." 

"You can sleep on mine." I offered, and sat up. Bo was pulling on a shirt, he caught me looking at him and glared at me playfully. 

"Look away." I stood on his bed, my face about 6 inches from the ceiling and turned my head back and read the three poems which were pinned with colorful pins. 

"When did you write these?" I asked him, staring at his intricate handwriting. There was a little drawing in the corner of one of the pages. I leaned my head closer to look unsuccessfully. I felt something grab my legs and pulled them away, which causes me to fall on the bed, I screamed and landed on his bed, which was now soaking and muddy, thanks to me. Bo was lying across from me smiling slightly and shyly. He leaned forward and gave me a small kiss, which caused my heart to speed up a lot and it seemed to  warm me. I smiled back at him. 

"Shall we go to your room? I think your clothes might be warmer than mine." He said and I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose and somehow managed with all my will, to stand up and not keep lying there kissing and cuddling. I bit my lip silently as Bo closed the door behind us and kissed me again and then started walking. I followed him in comfortable silence.We eventually reached a hallway that seemed vaguley familiar and Bo smiled at me as he walked down the hall. "How is it that I know where your room is and you don't?" He asked me playfully. I grinned back at him. 

"How is it that you do and I don't?" 

"Thats what I just..." I cut him off by opening a my door, Bo threw himself at my bed as I went to the wardrobe and dug out a nice, clean shirt and pants. 

"Don't look." I warned him as I faced the wall and wriggled out of my pants which fell to the ground with an ugly 'splat' and I shimmied into the fresh pair. My legs seemed to instantly warm up and I sighed contently and pulled off my shirt and bra, both stuck to me. I also dropped them and slowly pulled on the newer bra and shirt, embracing the warmth that it brought me and I turned around as I pulled the shirt down my stomach to see Bo looking at me. His eyes were half lidded and when he saw me he grinned crookedly. "You looked." I accused him. 

"It was the sigh," He said, falling on his back again, "I couldn't help myself." I scowled at him and leaned down to take my wet shoes and socks off and I picked up all my wet clothes and hung them in the bathroom on the towel hooks. When I came out, the room was empty, Bo was gone and I was alone. I took another step forward and felt something hit my side. I fell the the floor, laughing this time as Bo got up from on top of me. "You didn't scream." he scowled and held his hand down to pull me up, which I took gladly, " I was looking forward to that." He concluded and I flicked his arm and moved to put a new pair of socks on, which were rainbow striped and were very warm. I stood and moved to grab some shoes but instead Bo came over and picked me up silently, lifting me over his shoulder like a sack of flour and he warned me, "Don't kick." Before leaving the room. 

"What about shoes?" I asked him. 

"You don't need shoes if I carry you everywhere." 

Outside of the room we saw three girls and I saluted them from my perch behind his back. They scowled at me and I rested my face on my propped up hands. "Your elbows are digging into my back." Bo complained. 

"You shouldn't of lifted me up." I said, staring at the girls who had started to follow us from a few steps behind. 

"Yes I should've." He said and I craned my head uncomfortably to look at his face, or the side of his face. We turned a corner and I quickly pecked a little kiss on his ear and his hands on my legs tightened and he moved faster, slowing down at every corner.  I laughed in his ear as he went from practically jogging to casually walking in seconds and running again, then we were at the doors to the library, which Bo turned me so I could kick the door open dramatically and he walked in, making his was to the alcove in the back. 

There were 7 people in there and all of them were staring at us. I looked away, from his shoulder and Bo stared back. 

"Is this how you travel normally Liv?" Finn asked, starting to grin. Bo turned around so I could face him. 

"Doesn't everyone?" I asked, playing along. "How else do you travel?" 

"Camel." He said, "And if she's gone..." 

"She?" I asked. 

"Yes," Finn said stiffly, "Her name is Caramel." 

"Great name. My other transportation is an alpaca named Llama." 

"Thats absurd." Bo added in, leaning down to drop me. 

"I also travel with shoes and normal socks." Finn said, "But if Caramel is gone I use rainbow transportation and summon a rainbow that is also a slide. Much better than rainbow socks, but I suppose it's rainbow transportation nonetheless." He said to me.  

"I want to see that." Eliza said, adding in from her seat by the back alcove table. 

"All in time." Finn said, taking a sip of the mug in his hand. 

"Where'd you get that?" I asked, approaching him and he pointed to the table where 14 more mugs were, each mug was white and rounded. I picked up a mug and held it dearly in my hands before choosing a seat next to Finn. Bo took one and sat on the table. 

"You can't do that." Izaiah said, opening the library doors. "Remember that time when it flipped over?" He said approaching them. 

"Remember that time when we were all jumping on it and then everyone decided to jump off and not tell Bo?" Bo said, quirking an eyebrow. Isaiah smiled and bit his lip as he took a cup and sat next to me. He leaned into me, "What ever Bo says, even if its true, it isn't. Don't trust him." 

"Who should I trust then?" I asked amused. 

"Me." He said, taking a sip of his drink. Bo laughed at that and then grew silent as King Silas entered. There were several whispers of 'Your Majesty' and polite nods of head when he approached and leaned to take a mug, his large hands seemed to dwarf it, and he moved to sit next to two of the girls. He looked at them, now silent and staring at him and he smiled slightly. The gesture was so unlike anything that had happened today that I glanced towards Bo, who was also staring at Silas but seemed to feel the intensity of my gaze and caught it. He looked at me. I looked back at him, quirking an eyebrow. He smiled and made a face. I scrunched my face up at him in response. Bo looked like he was on the brink of laughing and I bit my lips to keep myself from laughing as well, a goofy smile escaped.

And it seemed to catch the attention of King Silas, who looked at the both of us as if fitting pieces of a puzzle together. Finn also seemed to catch on and he flicked me. I turned around and glared at him. "Stop it." I hissed at him. 

"You stop first." He responded, seeming to enjoy this conversation very much. I tried to keep my urge of slapping him to a minimum. 

"I already did." I told him. "And so did you." 

"Never." He responded. 

"Come on, Finn." Jasper said, his voice close to my ear and I jumped in surprise as I turned my head to see him standing there. He must've snuck in during the faces Bo and I shared. I glared at him and he took a sip of a mug. Finn looked around for his then glared as Jasper. 

"You stole my mug." He accused,. 

"You weren't drinking it." He replied, pushing his way between our chairs and sitting casually on Finn's lap, who seemed to shoot lasers out of his eyes in response. 

"Not at that moment." He said annoyed. 

"Because you were to busy mocking Bo?" 

"And Liv." He said defensively. I sighed and heard Izaiah laughing from next to me. I turned to him. 

"Don't laugh." I said. 

"It's hard not to." Someone said who wasn't Izaiah. I looked up in surprise and saw that King Silas had spoken. The room was quiet for a moment before Bo started laughing, throwing his head back. I turned back and glared at him and cracked a small smile. 

"It tastes quite good, Finn." Jasper said in defense and placed the cup back on a small table next to Finn where the cup was originally placed. 

"Probably because I..." 

"Nope." Bo interrupted, pressing his lips together and shaking his head, trying unsuccessfully to conceal his smile and the expression made my heart beat a bit faster as it was adorable. "Don't go there."

"Scared of whats there?" Jasper asked, his face showing that he was extremely amused and I guessed that everyones face was like that. 

"Or maybe whats not there." Izaiah added. 

"Next topic." Called Eliza from the table. 

"That was an epic fight today." Bo said. 

"It was." I agreed. 

"No one can disagree." 


"Yep." We sat in silence for a minute.

"So..." Finn began, "Does anyone like shadow puppets?" 20 sets of eyes stared at him incredulously. Finn grinned and held his hands up in defense. Bo snickered and I tried to hide a smile. 

"Okay." Isaiah eventually said, "Quick King meeting and then we can all meet for whatevers left of dinner. 20 minutes. Everyone leave, please. " He said. I shot a quick glance at Bo and who motioned with his eyes the door. I stood and looked back at Finn, who seemed to be struggling under Jasper's weight. I followed the rest of the girls out of the room and hovered by the door, which I closed behind the last person and leaned against the wall. I could faintly hear voices, including a large crash and a yelp from someone that sounded like Jasper. And then a quiet murmur of low voices. 

Five minutes later the door opened and Finn stepped out first and he was saying "I'll try again for a meeting tomorrow. I don't understand why he can't." Then, as if he were surprised at seeing me there his eyebrows raised and then lowered after a moment and he stood next to me. We both watched Jasper come out of the library scowling and rubbing his face. "Did you hear everything we said?" Finn asked me. 

"No. I just heard a crash and a yell." I looked at him, "I'm guessing that was Jasper." 

"You've guessed correctly." He said and turned away from me and walked down the hallway, running to catch up with Griffin. Bo came out last, his hands in his pockets. He looked at me sadly. 

"Is everything alright?" I asked him concerned and reaching my hands out to him. 

"I'll tell you." He said, "In my room." He began walking and I followed him silently, dread dropping like a stone in my stomach. A few silent minutes later we made it to his room and he opened the door and wrapped his hand around me in one fluid movement and then somehow I was pressed against the wall and the door was shut and he was kissing me furiously. I sighed contently into his lips, all previous thoughts and fears erasing from my mind and my legs seemed to become jello as it continued. My heart seemed to warm up and the feeling grew stronger as we continued.  We slowly and mostly controlled, slid to the floor, where he quickly readjusted and I was sitting on his lap and my face was pressed against his chest and we weren't kissing anymore and he was whispering things to the top of my head. I sat there for a few moments, allowing him to hold me, before I broke away and looked at him. 

"Whats wrong?" I asked him. 

"Nothing much, but Its honestly tearing me apart." He whispered.

"What?" I whispered back, my voice felt like silk.

"They want me to take a few steps back." he said and it took  moment to understand what he was saying. "They want no more PDA." 

"Well its really nothing. We're not really having public displays of affection." I told him matter-of-factly.  "More of goofy friendly amusing displays of affection." He smiled into my hair. 

"Its the affection part Si is worried about." 

"Well he has nothing to worry."  I said, "We do most of our kissing in here it seems." 

"Do you think they're jealous?" He asked. 

"Your brothers? Most likely no." I said, somewhat confused, the warm feeling the kiss gave me seemed to still warm me to his every touch. 

"Not them." He said, smiling at me. "The girls." 

"Well they have to suck it up." I said, smiling slightly.

"Of me?" He asked, smiling. 

"I certainly hope not." I said, "Or else I'll have twice the reason to kick everyones asses tomorrow at training." 

"Training." He said suddenly. 

"Yes," I acknowledged. "Training."

"Good luck." He whispered to me. 

"Will I need it?" I asked him, leaning my head against his shoulder and closing my eyes. He was silent. "Tell me a poem." I whispered to him. "Or quote something." Bo began to speak and my eyes seemed to glue themselves shut and eventually I was drifting into sleep. It was one of those sleeps where you can hear the things around you, and feel them but you just can't open your eyes. A bit later, I felt Bo stand up, me in his arms and I heard the door open and whooshes of air as we moved and then suddenly another door and I was lying on a pillow. I curled into a ball and felt him lean over me and kiss my cheek and then the lights were off and I was immersed in complete and comfortable darkness, and the door shut. 

I dreampt of dancing. 

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