Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


27. Chapter Twenty Seven

I awoke the next morning to a knocking on my door. I groaned audibly and the door creaked open. Finn stepped in and grinned at me, his face incredibly amused. "Get up." He said, turning on the light and coming over to the bed and kicking it. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt his presence nearby. "You have a stream of dry saliva right here..." He said, poking my cheek. I groaned again. 

"Why're-mmm-you'mm-heree-mmm." I managed to get out. Finn threw back the covers. 

"You have training." He said. My eyes shot open and I sat bolt upright. "I should've started with that." He said to himself and then to me. "You have five minutes before breakfast." I rubbed at my face and rolled at bit to get my feet out of the bed, but instead would up just falling off. I groaned again from the ball on the floor. My face was protected by my covering hands from the light. 

"Why didn't you tell me I was at the edge of the bed?" I asked, tiredly. 

"It was amusing." Complimented Finn. "And you got out of bed, and your wearing clothes and all you have to do is fix your hair." He said and grabbed one of my hands and he pulled me up. "And wear shoes today. Your going to want to." 

"Will I have to run?" I asked, leaning my head forward sleepily. 

"Perhaps." He said. 

"Running is stupid." I said groggily. 

"Come on," Finn said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the cold bathroom where the tiles were freezing and seemed to bleed through my warm and rainbow socks. "Look at me." He sighed and tilted my face up from my chin, my eyes squeezing themselves shut from the light. I heard the water running and my face was warm as he rubbed a wet towel over my face. "As for you hair, lazy Liv." He said and I felt him behind me, pulling my hair back from my face in a pony tail. 

"Thanks." I said, dragging out that word more than I should've. I cringed on the inside, remembering those drunks around the corner from home who would call after me and stagger. 

"Shoes." He said. 

"Shoes." I repeated and wandered blindly to the place where I left the wet shoes from yesterday. I picked one foot up and put it in the shoe and then transferred all my weight to it so my foot went down and followed through with the same process as the first foot. 

"Lets go." Finn guided me by my elbow pulling me out of the room and closing the door behind me and turning off the lights and he half pulled me to breakfast. 

"Thank you." I said to him, struggling to open my eyes as he sat me down in a chair, and then sat on the other side of it. I looked to my other side. Bo. I tilted my head towards him, eyes closed completely. "Good morning." I mumbled incoherently. 

"Is she drunk?" He asked Finn over me. 

"I don't think so." He said, "Nothing smelled of alcohol and where would she get some anyway?" 

"Are you really tired, Liv?" Bo asked me. I nodded somewhat drunkenly and leaned my head forward to rest on his shoulder. "You have to wake up." He whispered to me. "Wake up Liv." 

"Soon." I grumbled. 

"Liv," he whispered to me, "Wake up, love." 

"You just messed up my name." I said without thinking. "Liv. Love. Liv. Love. Liv. Love..." I faded off and opened my eyes a bit and leaned in close to him. "I love you." I whispered to him. 

"Good." He whispered back and I couldn't feel a tiny shard of my heart break in disappointment. But I had no time to respond as the door flew open and in came the Old King and... Maro. My eyes flew open and suddenly I was awake. Blood seemed to rush through my veins and I stared up at the old King and his...guard. 

"Hello Ladies." She said, smiling crookedly and wickedly. I bit my lip nervously. "Today we won't run as tradition." I exhaled in relief, "But I will set you up in situations and see how you do. Then we will decide how to move on." She then straightened up, somehow even more and looked ahead stonily. The old King sat down at an end of the table and began talking to his oldest son. Bo looked at me and he grinned slyly. 

"You're awake now." he said, smirking. I looked at him and then at my plate of potatoes. 

"So are you." I said, shoveling a forkful of potatoes into my mouth 

"I've been awake." 

"Says who? What even is awake and asleep? Who even decided what they were? What is the difference?" Bo looked at me for a moment and then at him plate, he also took a bite. 

"What kind of things will we be doing today?" I asked, "In training." 

"I don't know, Liv. And I don't like knowing. Si was as surprised as the rest of us were. I saw him. But you'll do great no matter what." He said and looked at me again, his eyes were glowing and bright and awake and I wanted to melt just by looking at them. 

"I hope its yoga." I said, then turned away to Finn, who was grinning wildly. 

"I do too." He smiled, a somewhat evil glint in his eye. 

"Shush." Bo said, half grinning, half serious. I finished eating and then sat at the table, waiting for everyone else to hurry up. 

"Why is everyone so slow?" I whispered to Bo. He shrugged and set his fork down. He grabbed my hand under the table and pressed one of his fingers into my palm. I shivered and Finn looked at me suspiciously from the corner of his eye. I did the same to Bo, digging my fingernails into his palm. His fingers closed around mine and using his thumb, he pushed my finger away. We held hands for a while before Maro stood up and called for all of us to follow her. She led us out of the room, I glanced back at Bo fleetingly before we all walked through the kitchen and out, into some corridors, and then a large room, its walls were lined in blue mats and the floors were sleek and wooden, lines were traced out on them, all colors. I realized that it was like the basketball courts some teenagers had made, using abandoned lots and paints at home.  On the floors, I noticed were piled of black fabrics and she told us to change.

I bit my lip and faced a wall, pulling on the long black athletic-y leggings, and the tight fitting black shirt and sports bra, before pulling on the socks. I placed my clothes in a pile by the door as that was where everyone else clothes were.

"Get the mats!" Maro commanded, as she stood in the center of the room, hands on hips. We were huddled by the door way and scurried to the walls. "Its velcro!" She yelled as she watched some girls, uselessly stand by the wall and look confused. I made my way to a mat at the same time as Eliza and together we pulled it off the wall- the first ones to do so, and we carried over to Maro. It was surprisingly heavy and we dragged the bottom and held the front and back, standing it upright.  She looked at us briefly and gave a short nod then turned back to yelling at everyone. 


In the end, we did start with yoga, and halfway through the Kings came in and sat along the wall and laughed incredibly loud at our Sun Salutations. Then she told us to try to attack the other person who we were sharing our mats with. "Pull no mercies." She told us and grinned evilly and I shivered and looked nervously at Eliza who was doing the same. She attacked me and we were on the ground, me on my back, she was pinning my arms down, I brought one of my legs up and kicked her in the stomach. 

"Sorry." I gasped at her as she wheezed and clutched her stomach and fell to the ground. I then did the same to her as she did to me, but I sat on her legs. 

"Winner is declared after 15 seconds of one being on the ground." Maro said. "Six rounds." I counted aloud to fifteen then let go of Eliza and we began again. I heard Bo cheering me on, and then cheering everyone else, but,  I noticed after we just finished a particularly hard and brutal round, which involved Eliza slapping me accidentally, I heard him cheer for me to most. I gave him a quick grin before going back to our wrestling, grunts and 'sorry's' were practically the only things Eliza and I were saying. 

Nine and a half minutes later, we were tied. 3-3, and we both, tiredly, flopped onto our back on the mat, sprawled out exhaustedly. "You are dismissed for the day." Maro said, looking down at us before she strutted away. "Clean it up." She called to us, and we both tiredly tried to pull the mat back to the wall. When we were a few feet from the wall, I felt like my insides were dying, Bo, forever the helper it seemed, came over and placed it onto the wall I smiled tiredly at him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him. 

He began to ask Eliza and I questions, mostly aimed at Eliza, who seemed to recover from our tiring wrestling, and we walked out of the room on shaky legs. Eliza walked away from us, in the direction of the library and when she was out of sight, Bo lifted me up in his arms and my eyes started to close tiredly. 

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