Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


29. Chapter Twenty Nine

We sat, drinking hot chocolate until our mugs were empty and then we sat for two more hours or so. Chatting pleasantly and laughing. Mostly at Bo's face, some what embarrassed as Finn teased him about me. 

At 8, we walked out of the kitchen, and my face felt cold and alone as it was away from the warm fire. As Finn pushed open the doors, allowing me to go through and then closing the door on Bo's face we were met by a some-what, slightly, angry Old King. Murderer. The thought ran through my mind before I could stop it and I flinched. His eyes were narrowed at me as he sat at the head of the table,thought I could of sworn that he winked at me, Silas next to him, looking at us from across the room, emotionless yet judging. I could tell he was wondering what I was doing there. Why I was there. I felt Bo freeze at my side, stiffening and straightening his spine and his chin. 

"Good Morning Father." Bo said. The Old King ignored him and looked at Finn, eyes narrowing. 

"We have a meeting today." He said, "11:34. Don't forget." Then a few girls entered the room, oblivious to the awkwardness they were walking in upon. The Old King turned back to Silas and Bo nudged me forward to a chair with his elbow behind my back. I started walking and Finn went up and sat next to one of the girls who had just sat down, both of them nodding politely at him. I went and sat across from him, leaving some chairs between me and the Old King and Bo, as usual, sat next to me. More girls entered, and filled the seats next to me and Bo. I turned to Bo. 

"It's been 3 days." I whispered to him. "You'll be having another meeting today. Won't you?" I whispered to him, looking down at my plate of food. 

"Right after Finn's meeting."  Bo said, then corrected me, "It's also your meeting. We need you." The words sent a little flutter through my heart. 

"I don't know if I'll be able to be there." I said, my stomach started to growl and rumble quite loudly at the smell of the food and I realized that I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning and that had been hardly anything.

"You all have to have lunch today." Bo said, "Or else you won't thrive at whatever you'll be doing." 

"Really?" I asked. 

"Yeah. Si went up to Maro yesterday and told her that. Or else she'd be teaching barely-there fighters and nothing sticks in your head then. Body Guards need food and a lunch break, which she does kind of get, she gets to eat with the King."Bo said and I dug my fork into the food that had appeared. The warm eggs went down my throat smoothly and landed in my stomach, sending warmth all through out my body.  I closed my eyes and exhaled blissfully. When I opened my eyes Bo was staring at my and biting his lip as he tried- an failed, to suppress a grin. I rolled my eyes. 

"How long is the lunch break?"

"40 minutes." He said. Then looked up as Maro, forever scowling walked into the room, her arms behind her back. "See you later." He whispered rushed as Maro motioned for us follow her. She guided us through the kitchens and outside onto a large, empty field. 

"Half of you did very nicely." She said sharply, "yesterday. The other half, not so much. Today will be running. I hope you wore your good shoes ladies."

Thirty minutes later we were, exhaustedly running around the extremely large field for the third time, and four more laps to go. I ran next to Eliza, we were somewhat in the middle and when we did have enough breath to talk, we complained about running. The only thing that got me though it was the thought of Bo. and his kisses. 

An exhausted hour later, we went in for our lunch "break" and were told that in forty minutes we had to be back in the gymnasium. I followed the girls into the Dining room again and leaned against the wall, my eyes closed, dehydrated and unwilling to move. A few moments later a warm hand touched my shoulder, making me jump and I opened my eyes and saw Bo, kind of worried. I smiled and went to the table, and took a glass filled with water, Bo took one as well, though I could tell that he wasn't going to drink it, I took a plateful of food, and waited until the other girls had left, out to the gardens and then I followed Bo, who glanced occasionally back to make sure someone wasn't following us.

We eventually made it to the room, and once more all the other 6 kings were in their chairs, aside from Bo whose lone chair was in the back and I followed him back there and took half of his seat, putting my plate and glass on the table. All eyes turned to Finn. 

"Meeting adjourned." Bo said, somewhat sarcastically. 

"How was your meeting?" Silas asked quietly. Finn scowled. 

"Not good, I take it then?" Jasper asked, partly grinning and I began to eat one of the two sandwiches on my plate, one I had put there, the other, Bo had and they both looked delicious. 

"No." Finn said, for once gravely. "Not good." 

"Why?"Silas asked quietly.

"Well, after three days of waiting to talk to my father, I asked about his competition. And Liv's grandmother." he said, nodding to me. "And then..." Finn grew silent. Gravely he said "And he told me some...stuff." 

"Like what?" I asked, dread filling my veins like blood. Bo wrapped his arm around my shoulder then whispered in my ear. 

"You feel kind of disgusting. To much sweat." I glared at him. 

"Like she had a baby." 

"No shit," Soren said sarcastically. 

"And then I went to the archives and looked at what he meant." I remembered my plate again and started to eat my sandwich. Finn looked at me. "We keep archives of practically everything. Every Competition, casualty, visit." He sighed deeply. "And Liv's grandmother did compete and she did leave, pregnant because father..." he gulped. "Bad stuff happened between them" I flinched. "And then 19 years later, Liv's mother visited." The blood from my face drained and my eyes widened and my heart sped up. Bo's arm tightened around me. 

"And she came and got an audience with father. And she practically bashed him for raping her mother. I read the entire conversation. It was written." Finn said, "And then she was escorted out of the room, and stayed for a few months."

"How many months is a few?" I asked, voice gravelly, and suspecting. Finn gulped. 

"Nine." Finn bit his lip and looked down at the table. The room seemed to get cold. "It was 26 years ago when she first came" All eyes shot to Finn who was staring at the table blankly. I felt somehow more dehydrated than before. "And she left with a child." All eyes looked at me. 

"George is..." I gulped. "25 also." Finn looked down. 

"So am I." At that moment my thirst came back. 

"Does that mean..." Silas began but was interrupted as I drank, quite loudly my first cup of water, the cold water cooling me down and it tasted magical at that moment. "You are our half brother?"  I bit my lip and realized that we then, would of had the same mother and I blushed. I was then half his sister. Same mother. Bo's arm fell limp, back to his side. 

"That also means," I said, "That my mother was raped by her father." Everyone was silent, embracing that. I stared glossily at the table. Everything that had happened here so far shocked everyone and none of it was good. I started to shake. Thinking about the Old King today. He had raped my grandmother. My mother. And he was so close to me. No wonder none of them wanted me to come here. Everyone was quiet. Things seemed to be life changing for Finn and I. My mother. His mother. 

Bo turned me forcefully to face him, out foreheads touching, he put his hands on my cheeks in a way to blind me from looking anywhere but him. I squinched my eyes shut and and leaned our faces together so our noses touched. I was alright. He was alright. Everything was alright. Bo pulled down my hair and it make a curtain around our faces. A few tears ran down my face. All I could here was his deep breathing. I didn't want to be part of the rest of the world and now it seemed so brutal. George, my oldest brother had a twin who was a King and George was part king and Finn and I were related and George and Finn were a little bit of incest babies. 

I heard the chairs scrape back as various, unnamed Kings stood and Bo leaned his lips closer to mine and kissed me comfortingly. He tried to kiss away all my fear and worries and shock. He kissed away my tears, kindly. And held me as I shook and tried to embrace everything. 

I was now, I realized, a little afraid of the Old King and what he might do to me. His wink. I shivered and wondered who was there to help Finn but the thought was replaced my nothingness as I melted into Bo.

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