Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


25. Chapter Twenty Five

The game ended about four alphabets in, when one of the girls started, then gave up about nine letters in and began cursing. We all walked in silence, looking at the amazing trees and birds and small animals that we saw. The hill, itself, was incredibly steep and sweat dripped off of every place on my face possible. 

Just after noon, we reached the top, there was dirt embedded every part of my face, and I don't know how, and my legs looked like a hurricane hit. Bo and I pulled out the sandwiches and the waters and handed them out. We all sat near each other, me on a large rock, everyone else below me, on logs or the ground. Bo claimed up next me, and the Finn followed. "Theres a stream nearby." Bo said, resting on his arms, legs crossed out in front of him. We sat in silence for a minute, listening to running water.

"We could go swimming." I said, intertwining our fingers. 

"I'd go in." Finn said, from his back as he was laying on the ground, arms under his head, eyes closed. 

"Then a whole legion of girls will follow." I told him. He smiled. 

"It'd be worth it." Finn said, sitting up and yawning. 

"Let's do it." Bo said, standing up and pulling me with him. I groaned as the sun directly hit my face, letting its heat make me even warmer. 

"I hope its cold." I said, and began the small, but steep and rocky slope down the rock. On the ground Finn announced: 

"We're going swimming." Five sets of King eyes glared up at him. He stared back, then a few moments later Jasper and Soren stood up. 

"Come on, swimming this way!" Jasper said, pointing for Bo to go first. He took his hand out of mine and started walking, we all followed.  About a dozen feet from where we were stood a large lake that was connected to a stream.  Bo stood still and I grabbed his shoulder for support as I took off the boots. I dropped them where I was and left my socks inside of them. 

"Come." I said, looking into Bo's eyes, and slightly tugging him to the water. He seemed dazed. He blinked and shook his head. 

"Race you!" He shouted and began running for the water. I ran also, feeling the cool water hit my ankles and it felt good. I ran in until my shorts and then jumped in, soaking the rest of my body. I stood up a minute later, eyes closed, looking up, feeling good. I heard splashes and squeals. Then something grabbed my ankles. I screamed and toppled backwards into the water. My arms reached out for whatever it was and I felt a shirt. I stood, wiped the water from my eyes and saw Bo underwater, swimming towards Finn to do the same. I began to swim to him and experimentally opened my eyes. Everything was cloudy and green but I could see. I kicked my legs as queasily as I could and when Bo stood up from making Finn fall over I jumped at him, letting go a startling war cry. Surprised he dropped to the lake and I clung to his back. He stood and looked over his shoulder at me, my arms around his neck, not touching the water. "You're light." He said, and something else came at us. Finn.

He leapt for Bo and Bo leapt for him and I clung on for life. Bo shook me off his shoulders and then Finn jumped at me, I dropped underwater and grabbed for his legs, and then Bo jumped at me, his chest hitting my shoulder and I fell. He pulled me up and hauled me over his shoulder like one would do to a heavy sack of grain. I hit his back and he carelessly and surprisingly easily threw me at Finn. Who dove under water and away. I fell into the water with a large splash.  I raced after Finn, and Bo raced after me and when I caught Finn we all continued our wrestling. Eventually, Jasper joined us from where everyone else was on the beach, feet barely touching the water, and feeling ganged up upon, I leapt at Eliza and held her arms like a shield. She had no choice but to join in. 

A few violent minutes later, after being tossed many times to the water, the rest of the group came. 3 Kings. 15 girls. Silas stared at us with mute horror and Izaiah, with out thinking ran into the water at attacked Bo. Eliza was over Finn's shoulders with some effort and after trying to throw her for a moment he simply fell backwards. Jasper was currently doing a handstand in the water, and I swam and knocked one of his hands away, causing him to fall on the Izaiah/Bo mess of limbs.

The melee was brilliant and amazing. Eventually we all wound up not knowing who was fighting who and how and then the supporting body for our hand to hand combat fell over and we all did too. Laughing, I stood up and partook in a boring game of Marco Polo, then we had to leave as this whole ordeal took nearly two hours. 

Miserable we all walked down the steep hill, toes pressed against our boots, and sliding and sopping wet. "You have blood on your face." Bo told me, pressing the pad of his thumb gently to my temple. I shrugged. 

"It happens and..." Bo interrupted me by taking his shirt off and stuffed it in the ultimate bag of now empty food. "I wish I could do that." I told him. 

"You can." he said,"But you don't really want to." I glared at him and we sped up out pace a tad, staying with the group of dripping fighters. 

"I won." Jasper said, casually as we walked. 

"Liar." Bo said. 

"Completely false." Finn said, "You probably fell over the most." 

"That was Liv." He said. 

"Shh." I said. 

"It was all of us." Eliza said, gently hitting Jasper's shoulder. 

"No," Bo said, "It was me. I knock you all over in the end." 

"We all fell over." Finn said

"I still won." 

"We all tied." I said. 

"But that would mean that we were competing, not just...having fun." Eliza said. Everyone glared at her. 

"If it was last one standing we would have tied, but first person down was I." Jasper said. 

"No." Bo, Finn and I said at the same time. 

"It was Liv." 

"Then what did I win?" Jasper asked. 

"First person to be knocked down doing a handstand." 

"I feel miserable." Eliza said randomly, motioning to her wet self.

"We all do." Said Jasper, "I'm going to take a hot shower." 

"We all will." I said. 

"And then we can all drink hot chocolate!" Said Bo, rubbing his hands together for heat. 

"Deal." I said. 

"Double deal." Muttered Finn as the sun began to fade away from the trees, leaving the sky purple and pink, nearly blue. 

"Make it a triple." 

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