Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


28. Chapter Twenty Eight

I woke the next morning warm. My eyes slowly drifted open and I saw a room that was not mine. Papers everywhere. Words scrawled elegantly and meaningfully. I looked down and saw an arm draped over my chest. Bo's arm. I turned my head on the pillow and stared at his sleeping face. Calm and stressless.  I moved my arm from my side and careful not to wake him, tucked his hair from his face. 

I bit my lip and tried to remember how I had gotten here. On his bed. Sleeping. With him next to me. I woke up in the morning. I thought, remembering my yesterday, Then went to eat, then Eliza and I had wrestled. And tied. And then she left and... Bo had picked me up and I had fallen asleep in his arms. And he must've carried me into here, I realized with a start; then... I had woken up here. I stared up at the ceiling. 

A few minutes later I felt the bed shake a little as Bo yawned and stretched. I turned onto my side, my hands below my head and smiled at him. "Good morning." He blinked tiredly then lazily smiled at me. 

"Morning." He leaned forward and gave me a little kiss on my nose. He yawned again. "How was your sleep?"

"Restful." I supplied and we sank into comfortable silence. "How did I get here?" I asked, "What happened last night?" 

"Well, you "trained'' all day yesterday, and then as we left, you were in a tie with Eliza, and I carried you and you fell asleep in my arms-which was kind of adorable." He grinned. I lightly hit his shoulder. "And I guess I carried you back here and dropped you on my bed and you slept for..." He looked at a clock on his wall. "Fourteen hours." 

"Fourteen? What time was it when we left training?" I asked alarmed. 

"Don't worry." He said, "It was around 4-ish and as you slept I left and ate dinner..." 

"You didn't wake me up?" I asked. 

"You looked really tired. Even when sleeping." He said. 

"Chivalry is dead." I muttered and looked at him expectantly for the rest of his story. 

"And then I went back here with Finn and we talked and then I fell asleep." I raised my eyebrows at the fact that Finn had been here...and seen me. 

"So its 6?" I calculated somewhat sloppily in my head. Bo nodded quietly. 

"Two and a half hours until breakfast." He leaned forward and kissed my nose again. I melted into his touch and allowed him to kiss me for what seemed like minutes before he pulled away, smiling shyly and his eyes drifted back close and he leaned on the pillow. "Plenty of time to talk." He said quieter. I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed contently. 

"What was your favorite bit of our hike two days ago? I asked him. 

"I liked our fighting in the lake." 

"I mean your favorite moment." I said softly. 

"I liked all of it." He said. I pushed him no further, sensing that he was being condescending on purpose. "What about you?" He asked. I remained quiet not knowing the answer either but to stubborn to say it aloud. He laughed quietly and his eyes drooped shut. 

A few moments later a brilliant idea popped into my head and I hit his chest lightly with my palms to wake him up and when he opened his eyes I blurted out: "What if we went and climbed trees. Outside. Please." He smiled.

"Thats a horrible idea." He admitted, unabashedly. "What if we go drink some hot chocolate?" 

"Marshmellows?" I asked, grinning a half grin. 

"Always." he leaned forward and kissed my nose before rolling out of his bed, quite literally and he walked across the room to his dresser. My eyes widened as I remembered the first thing we had done in the training room yesterday. 

"SHOOTIFORGOTMYCLOTHES." I said suddenly, eyes wide, nostrils flared. Bo laughed. 

"I took care of it already, Little Liv." He said and faced the wall, pulling off his shirt, exposing his back and then another shirt covered the flesh, and I looked abashedly down at the sheets as he continued putting on fresh clothes. "They're in your room. But you'll be wearing the same thing to day so you don't have to change." 

"Thank you." I smiled meekly up at him, daring to look. 

"Up." I hear Bo say as a hand wrapped around my arm and pulled me, groaning, off the bed. Tiredly, I stared at Bo, eyes half open. "Come on. Hot chocolate. Marshmellows. Lots of them. And Finn is probably awake. He's always up early." We left his room, my cheeks flushed as I looked behind us at the door. I was the first one to sleep, literally, with a King. 

"Your the first one to sleep with a King." 

"Only sleep. And I was just thinking that." I said.

"Great minds think alike." He said and leaned down to kiss my forehead, before he started to sprint down the hall. I stood, gaping for a moment, before, painfully running after him. We ran down corridors and finally arrived in the dining hall. For once, it was empty, and I walked down the few steps, and stood, looking around the room for Bo. My hands propped on my hips. He hadn't been that ahead of me. I would've seen the kitchen doors swinging if he'd gone in there.

Suddenly, two hands we behind me, on my hips, a feeling of dread and fear numbed my body, sending a spark of electricity through my heart and I screamed as I fell onto the stone floor, my knees hitting first with my attackers weight and yell. 

On the floor I layed still, eyes wide in shock. "Liv?" Asked a concerned Bo from above me, one hand on my shoulder, the other on my side. "It was supposed to be a scare." He said, and scooted on the floor so I was looking at him. "It was me. I didn't suspect that I was that scary." Finally, snapped out of my reverie, I hit his shoulder, still shaking but I got up and allowed him to pull me to my feet, before he pulled me to him, his chest against my back, his arms around my stomach and his lips pressed to the top of my head. He held me as I shook, until I stopped a few minutes later. 

Then, he tucked me under his draped arm, and we shuffled together to the kitchen. He pushed open the doors and asked one of the cooks- a red cheeked, green eyes, sunset colored haired girl, for some hot chocolate and a few minutes later, two steaming mugs were given to us. Bo gestured us through the kitchen, to a little, secret alcove in the corner of the kitchen, where four large, padded chairs stood, surrounding a fireplace where one of the seats was filled by Finn, who looked more than interested and amused at the sight of us together this early in the morning. 

"Awake this early Liv?" Finn asked, grinning like a maniac, " Does Bo have something to wake you up easier than I do? If so, pray tell. I need to learn." I moved and hit his shoulder with some emphasis as I moved to sit in a seat next to him. The area kind of reminded me of a pre-revolution book. 

"What moves does Bo have that I don't?" Finn asked again. His eyes shining in the firelight. He to had a mug of something and he was cradling it to his chest. Before Bo could say something somewhat reprimanding I interrupted him. 

"What kind of moves are you talking about?"

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