Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


12. Chapter Twelve

After the endless meal, King Silas stood up and announced "Lunch is over, please feel free to go to the gardens.Please leave the room. Thank you." He said, sitting back down. I looked at him before, standing up and pushing my chair back. 

"What should I do with the napkin?" I whispered to King Izaiah. 

"Keep it." He whispered back.

"Sure?" I ask. He nodded and I watched as a few girls leave then I made my way out of the steps, and I turned around and saw Bo wink at me. Then I closed the doors on my way out of the room. I sat in the hallway, leaning against the door, hearing the babbling of their voices from behind the wood. The curses thrown out there. The loud times when the voices kept going and the soft times. Laughter and...I stared at the blood stain on the ground, my napkin in my lap.

I spit into the napkin and tried rubbing off some blood. It mostly worked. Except for the spots inside cracks on the wood. The ground was cold. The castle was lofty. The pictures seemed to just stare at me and judge me. And I couldn't get the thought of Bo and I out of my head. Suddenly the noise stopped from behind the wood. Some curses were muttered, breaking the silence and then the door next to me was pushed open and the Kings started to do what seemed to pour out of the room. They sort of pushed each other and gave me weird looks. King Silas came and he looked incredibly shocked at me. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked, astounded. Just as I opened my mouth to reply Bo said, from the other side of the wall 

"I asked her to wait for me." He said. King Silas glared at Bo and walked ahead, ignoring me. I shot up, and turned into the room knocking Bo backwards onto the worn wooden floor, as he was trying to leave the room at the same time where I barged in. He seemed to fall in slow motion, his hands stared moving and braced himself against the ground, his foot, caught around mine and then I was also falling. On top of him. Lovely. 

He flinched under my fall. Once more we were nearly face to face. And I took a deep breath.  He smelled of  mint butter and autumn and winter. And I'm not exactly sure why I smelled him, but he smelled good. Suddenly he lifted his head up and quickly, oh so quickly, that I was't even sure that it really happened, kissed my lips and then I was up. Stalking backwards. He stood up also and gave me a lopsided grin. 

"You know, if you wanted me on the ground, you could've just asked." He said, then smiled larger. 

"Soo... What were you guys talking about?" I asked, my tongue playing with the roof of my mouth, avoiding his sarcasm. 

"King business." He said, coming closer to me. I couldn't step backwards anymore if I did, I would fall on the steps."Can't tell." A sudden idea came into my head to get him to tell me. I sighed outwardly. Gran would be so dissapointed in me. Mom too. And George. And Pat. And Theo. And... Zeke. Zeke, my third oldest brother. In the summers, at home in 8, we would hide and play fairy-tales-from the mind of Zeke, in an old house across the street from us. Usually the adventurer and his assistant, we would scrounge around and sometimes we would even be knights, the one from the stories that Zeke had read from before.

I sighed again, as he stood, a foot apart from me, staring at me. I then kissed him. "Now can you tell me what your meeting was about?" I asked, a few seconds later, turning  my face to the side.

"It's going to take more than that to sway me." He said, a few seconds later as he pulled my face back to his. I wanted to fight. Fight him. Fight in general. Scream....but I was melting. Melting under his touch. My stomach felt warm and my legs felt like they were sinking. Inside my head screamed at me and what seemed like four seconds later I pulled away, turning my head a bit I said

"We've known each other for a day." I said. He looked at me and pulled me close to him. 

"Well, in that "day" as you phrase it, I have spent more time with you that with Silas in a week. Consider that." He said, moving my face back to his and he began to kiss me again. His kiss was explorative and experimental. Inquiring and inquisitive. Soft and warm. 

Suddenly out of nowhere he said, leaning his face against my cheek, speaking to something behind me."Edwards, I think it's best you just turn around and walk.'' I face behind me and see and scurrying man in a suit, scurry away. A slight blush flustered my cheeks. 

"You are adorable when you blush." He said, plainly. 

"You are annoying when you talk." I countered

"You know what?" He said,

"No." I said 

"I think that you're not going to like the next Competition." he said, frowning. 

"What is the second Competition?" I asked, fluttering my eyelashes, to get an effect. 

"Dinner." He said "And lets go I have something to show you." 

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