Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


3. Chapter Three

I sit back down in the rough green chair and watch as another girl leaves with the Gangly man, this time she's short and blonde, and flawless and her chest was larger than elephants, and her blue dress was way to fitted. I leaned back in my chair. 

I closed my eyes. 

"Everyone, please make your way into the Throne Room." Said the Gangly man loudly, in his measly little voice of his. I assumed everyone was done. I opened my eyes, and unfocused I looked over everyone. Every single girl here. Who wants to win the competition of etiquette, physical strengths and planning. Who could win anything they wanted. Who could possibly become Queen, depending how far the Competition was taken. Every girl here wanted to win. Except me. I stood up slowly, yawning and stretching into my arm. I followed the last of the girls- a giggling group of blondes, thinking how sick this whole thing was. 

You fight, you could live or die. The 7 Kings decided. 

"Liv, be wary." My gran had said to me this morning before I was whisked away to come here. The competition happened whenever the Eldest of the 7 kings turned 25. For King Silas, he wanted to wait, so now he was, 27 years of age and starting the competition. And whenever Silas had 7 sons of his own-or if he never does then the second does and so on and so forth, then they will rule, and the old 7 will guide them, unless the other 6 died, then It would just be the old-first king, like in the current 7 Kings time. Only advised by one.... My thoughts were interrupted by a hand silencing all. 

King Silas, stood on his large throne, and looked down at these many girls.  I looked at him. He was strong built, and had blonde hair, like 5 of his other brothers, all messy and such. He was quite large and bulky.  He looked awkward and uncomfortable, standing on his throne. His eyes skimmed over all the girls and his eyes met mine. He looked away quickly. He turned his head to the side and whispered something, and the fifth king got up on his throne as King Silas got down from his.  

King Jasper, the fifth king stood up and, rubbed his hands together. 

"Hello!" He said pleasantly. 

"Hi." Whispered a few of the girls. 

''So!  A lot of people here!'' He said nodding his head, looking at each of the girls, enthusiastically. "And we're going to eliminate over half of you, and the other less-than-half will be our Competitors! Yay!" He looked down at a list in his hand and began to drabble out the names of the goners. I waited to hear my name. And waited.I didn't hear it.  It didn't sink in.

After he dismissed the discarded girls-who were allowed to live, except for one unfortunate soul, who sang opera for them, when they asked her to shush and she didn't, and King Jasper threw the list people people behind him, and put on a large grin and clapped once. It still didn't sink it. I stared ahead blankly, my mouth open, uncomprehending. I looked up, my eyes meeting King Bo's and he quirked an eyebrow. I was still in. I began to shake. 

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