Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


33. Chapter Thirty Three

Ten minutes later, I was staring at Silas, who was comfortably talking to Finn and ignoring me, when some of the other girls arrived and he cut himself off as the door opened and they started to pour into the room. 

Some people entered through the kitchen, holding some silver platters. They put the platters on the tables, opened them and inside were filled with things to make sandwiches and  they left through the kitchen. I beelined to the bread, Finn trying to step in front of me. Our hands reached for a piece at the same time and he quickly slapped my hand away and took a 2 pieces of bread. I then took my stinging hand and took two pieces as well and followed him around the platters, taking some cheese and turkey and putting it on my sandwich, then I followed him around the table, to to the other side, where he sat, and so did I as we stared down people eating. 

"This isn't creepy." I noted sarcastically as I watched Eliza glance up at me as she reached for her bread, then quickly look away as if she were avoiding me. 

"Not at all." Finn said, smirking into his sandwich. 

"What time is it?"

"Are you worried little Liv?" He asked mockingly

"Stop." I said agitated. He laughed. 

"Don't worry. We're all good." I rolled my eyes and watched the last girl leave the room, leaving us alone. 

"How long?" 

"20 minutes, but I guess if we arrive 10 minutes early everyone would be impressed with us." I chuckled dryly.

"Hows your sandwich?"

"Better than yours."

"In your dreams, Finn." He smirked at me

"I bet I know what you dream about?"

"Pushing you off a cliff?"

"I'm a King. Thats highly illegal and slightly offensive. And No. You dream of..." I pinched his arm, the soft and fleshy part right below his deltoid. "Ow!" He yelled, pulling his arm away and in the process, tipping his chair over and he fell to the ground. "Thats not very nice! As your King..."

"One of them, " I interrupted. 

"As one of your Kings I say...Off with your head!" Then he got up and looked at me, an evil look in his eyes. He moved to pounce and I stood up painfully, as he attacked the chair. He looked at me again and then started to chase me in circles around the room, yelling. 

"Stop!" I yelled at him, pushing chairs behind me to hopefully get him to shop, somehow nimbly he jumped over them. Then I stopped, and he stopped too, out of breath and panting. "How did you do that?" I asked, slightly proud of myself for not bending over and gasping like Finn. "Jump over them?"

"How are you not out of breath?"

"Thats not fair! Answer mine first."

"I'm a cat." Was Finn's only response. I nodded, it made sense. 

"I ran a few miles yesterday-remember?" I stretched my calves and they didn't feel as achey. 

"That sucks for you." 

"Let me remind you," I said, seriously. "You chased me around the table a bunch of times and then called yourself a cat. I don't think you have a say in what sucks and what doesn't."

"Lets go to the room." Finn said, scowling. He got up and I waled briskly to walk with him until I was next to him and we were in the hall. We were silent for a moment, it was awkward and it was also comfortable. 

"I wonder what Bo is being talked to about?" Finn said, "Probably murdering us." I hit his arm. 

"Or maybe he's being talked to about how he's got a lot of potential in life and start doing some yoga to channel all that inner hatred."

"That is most likely it." Finn said sarcastically. "My father- The King, is talking to his youngest son about yoga and its positivity to unleashing his anger. We were in the hallway, that had the door at the end where the meeting was about to be held. We both walked, and I opened the door, pulling it open. Then we both stopped and gaped at what was before us. 

Silas was sitting on his chair, facing the left wall, one of the kitchen servants on his lap and they were kissing. Arms wrapped around each other. We stood there for a few moments, waiting for them to notice us, which they never did so Finn cleared his throat awkwardly. 

"I understand why you don't want to marry now." He said and both King Silas and his special friend's eyes shot up to us. "I wouldn't either if I had such a lovely man with me." I looked at Finn, approvingly. That was a very good thing to say. I was still speechless. It's awkward to walk up on people kissing and I sucked in a quiet breath, thinking of Bo and I and the people that walked up on us.

Silas whispered something to the man on his lap, who nodded and slowly got up and pushed his way through Finn and I. We both looked at Silas. His face was red and flushed, and not knowing Silas very well, I thought it was with anger as that seemed to be his main emotion, so I took a step closer to Finn, until it faded away a few moments later and he smiled, a very alien expression to me.  

"He is lovely- isn't he?" We stood in silence. I walked across the room to Bo's chair and sat, Finn sat next to Silas and we were all quiet for a while until the rest of them came in.

"Where's Bo?" Isaiah asked. 

"He's talking to our father." Finn replied.

"Lets begin then!" Griffin said. Silas took a deep breath before starting. 

"We have to write a letter to Liv's grandmother...." Then the door slammed open and there was Bo, scowling. The room went silent. Bo walked in and I scooted over so there was room for him, He sat heavily in his chair. 

"Father wants me to kill you all." Finn looked at me, eyebrows raised as if to say 'told you so.' "He said it scarily persistently and tried- for the past hour to convince me. And I don't want to rule alone- to be the only person in charge." He sounded scared, grieved and scary was he spoke. 

"Then don't." Silas said after a minute of silence. "Let us all rule together."

"Don't do what father did to his brothers and kill us." Said Soren. The Old King had been the youngest. 

"He was the youngest too. If I did what father did then you'd all be dead." Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words

"Then don't kill us," Finn eventually said. "Let us help you- and us, take down our father- who is a very bad father! Honestly! He just tried to convince you to kill us!" He said, beginning out seriously and ending on a looser note.

"Yeah!" The rest of them seemed to chime in. I felt like a stranger, like I shouldn't be in this intimate moment between all of them. All 7 brothers. All 7 Kings. 




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