Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


36. Chapter Thirty Six

We left shortly after that. The story had seemed to take much longer than I had realized and in the Dining Hall the words that old man had said. Every truth is based on a lie. What did that mean? It had seemed to make sense at the time. But now I wondered what he mean't. 

"What are you thinking about, Liv?" Bo asked, leaning his head on my shoulder. We were both sitting on the edge of the table, our legs dangling off. 

"About that man's story." 

"Its an old stool."

"It is." I sighed. Bo wrapped his arm around me. Then, another thought hit me. I glowered at the wall. "I have training tomorrow." 

"I have a meeting with my brothers tonight." Bo said. 

"What kind of meeting?" I asked. Bo looked up at me from my shoulder. 

"A Kings one." 

"About?" I asked him knowing very well that I wouldn't get an answer.

"Secret King things." 

"Will I be talked about?" I asked. 

"Maybe." He said, secretively. 

"Is it about how training is stupid and running is miserable?"

"Maybe." he repeated. I took that as a no.

"Is it about..." I thought for a moment, "My grandmother?"


"How about..." I looked at the ceiling as I tried to think of some ridiculous things to mention. "adopting a cat to live in the castle with you?" I knew very well it was about eliminating people. Bo lifted his head up, eyebrows knit in confusion. 

"Do you think the castle needs a cat?"

"I think it would be fun for you."

"You think I need a cat?" he asked, scrunching up his nose questionably. I bit back a grin and looked up towards the ceiling again. 

"Can you believe I've been here nearly six days?" I asked.  'And many more' a voice said in the back of my head. I shook my head to clear it.

"They've gone so fast." Bo said, mildly wistfully.  Someone scoffed from a corner of the room. Bo and I leaned away from each other, but then saw that it was Finn, who was standing in the doorway to the kitchens, so Bo leaned his head back on my shoulder. He sashayed into the room, smirking. He stood in front of us, his hands on his hips. 

"Do you need another moment?" He asked and turned away. I looked down at Bo, quizzically. He picked his head up and on the way to his upright position kissed my cheek gently. My expression softened a little. 'What?" I mouthed to Bo, then to his confused looked, I clarified by looking to Finn. He shrugged and Finn turned around. 

"Did you enjoy the story?" I asked. Finn decided to ignore it. I looked at Finn, he was confident on the outside, but I could tell that he was troubled. His eyes were dark and cloudy with thoughts of his actual parentage. Of the lies told to him his whole life. Of guilt for plotting to murder his father. Of having responsibility. Of trying to seem alright but failing miserably. I scooted off the table and walked towards Finn. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his torso. Finn looked down at me questionably. I could feel that he was squirming trying to get out of my grasp. 

"What?..."He squirmed, trying to escape me. 

"I'm here for you." I murmured against his shirt and he stopped squirming a little bit. "I know its hard for you, but I'm here for you. You can stop...acting out."

"What are you talking about?" Finn asked sharply, looking down at me. 

"You're having a hard time. You've just found out your not who you thought you were, but in fact you are wrong. You are the same Finn. The same person.The same person who you've always been and the same person who you will always be. And, we all know that its hard for you...adjusting to these new facts but honestly what's bad about it? You have a second family? And I know you are emotional. And that this...act is just you trying to hide yourself from your feelings and stay strong but it would help everyone more if you just let out what you're trying to hide. 

"Everyone is here for you. And they will be. If you need to take a day off Of being a King and having responsibilities- do it. All people want is for you to be you. And can't be you when you constantly act like an ass." Finn quirked his eyebrow. "More of an ass than you usually are." I corrected. "So just take some Finn time and work out all the stuff going around in your head.  And if you need to be angry then be angry.  Yell into a pillow. Rip the heads off of dolls.  Draw mustaches on everyone your angry at while they're asleep. " I looked towards Bo who was furiously shaking his head at that idea. "Actually, don't do that. But you can Paint your room and write songs. I don't know! Anything! Just be you." Finn looked down at me for a moment. 

"That was touching." he said, sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, wondering how that whole speech didn't work. But suddenly, I felt his arms close around me and he hugged me back.  I heard footsteps come up to us and suddenly Bo spoke in my ear. 

"That was very good of you." Finn pulled back and grinned at us. 

"Are my brother and my sister going to kiss now?" Bo and I jumped apart from each other, yelling. 

"That's messed up!"


"You phrased it VERY wrong!"

"Finn!" But he was laughing, bent over and shaking with glee. After a few moments he managed to get out:

"That did..." Chuckling, "Come out..." He squeezed his eyes shut and shook with laughter. "A little" He held up two fingers with an inch between them, "wrong." He continued to chuckle.

"It did." Bo said, "Very wrong." 

"More than a little. " I looked at Bo. 

"Please never say that again." 

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