Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


37. Chapter Thirty Seven

Dinner was a quiet affair. Finn left early, taking my advice to go think about his life and strangly enough, I sat next to Silas. We talked somewhat awkwardly but it was amiably and somehow easy conversation. We talked about his goals in life and he actually listened to me rant about training. 

Dinner was delicious. And shortly after that, dessert was even more.  A bit later, we were told to all leave since there would be a 'King meeting' and as they all trickled out of the room,  I waited a dew moments before heading towards the door. I closed the door behind me, the door make a small 'boom' that was strangely calming. I inhaled and held my breath for a moment, as I put my ear to the door. I could hear soft voices speaking inside, but I couldn't hear the words. It was like trying to listen to pasta talk when it was being drained in a colander. It was like trying to taste a cake your were making when you were across the country. It was like trying to listen to a bunch of generally arrogant rulers through a very thick and heavy door.  I let out my breath and started towards the already quiet chittering of voices and tried to follow the noises.. 

It worked out surprisingly well and I made it to my room a few minutes later. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. I strolled into the room and closed the door behind me, then I leaned on it. I squeezed my eyes shut and sighed. After a moment I opened my eyes and moved to sit on the bed. It was soft, as always. I untied my shoes and kicked them off happily. My feet were free. I tied my hair up and looked in the little bedside table's drawer. Inside was a pad of paper, a book and a pen. I took out the pen and paper and leaned against the wall and the pillows. I propped my knees up and leaned the paper against it. 

'Dear Gran, 

I hope you accept. Things have been much nicer than you said it would be.' I scratched that line out. 

'They are honestly very nice and different than their father-who is an complete ass. They are all very supportive and have been planning their revolution for apparently months. And this castle is ginormous. Training is painful. I hope you accept. I have no idea what Finn will be writing but I hope he mentions that he is your grandson.' I looked at what I had, then added  'Among other things.  King Isaac is a horrible person who needs to be stopped. Please. Accept the letter and join us to rid the world of such a horrible man who hurt both you and my mother.'

I then ripped the paper out of the pad and placed it on the bedside table. Somehow, I would manage to get it to Gran who was most likely very worried for me right now, but before then I would have to edit it. It was very jumbled. 

Then, I turned the lights off, crawled back into bed and recounted my day. The glorious, training-less day. My aching muscles though, made me feel like I did have training. The meeting where Finn...exploded. Where he had had a melt down and how he had been being such an ass. And then the more enjoyable part of my day. Working in the kitchens. With the heat and the story that was strangely interesting even though it was about a stool. Then dinner, which seemed to go by quickly, and even though the day wasn't nearly as exciting as the day before or even more energetic, I was tired and my eyes drifted to shut.

But it wasn't really sleep. It was the sleep where your pretty much asleep but also awake. When you know your tired and your eyes are closed but you still feel and hear everything around you. I heard silence that strangely sounded static. I was aware of the lights flickering in the hallway and outside my door. 

A while later my door quietly creaked open, letting the light in, then it closed and the room was encased in darkness. I felt someone in the room. I forced myself to open my eyes and I lifted my head weakly. 

"Hi." Bo said, quietly, then he came closer to the bed and sat down at the foot. He began to absent-mindedly rub the blanket.

"You really need a cat." I said, my voice strangely scratchy. Bo chucked quietly. 

"Do you mind if I lay down for a moment." In the dark I shook my head. Bo still waited. 

"No." I said, he crawled up and fell onto the bed, and seemed to be asleep shortly after that. The sound of his breath was actually quite calming and I fell deeply asleep shortly afterwards. But then I dreamed. It wasn't a normal dream,  it didn't feel that way at all. Where as normal dreams, I knew I was dreaming, but this dream I felt like a ghost. Everything was blurry and foggy and I was incorporeal.

But I was in the middle of a plain room with a checkerboard patterned floor. On both sides of me were loud stomping noises, but then walking towards me from far away were people. On one side there were a bunch of people, on my other side was one person and as they came closer and stopped quite close to each of my shoulders I could tell who it was. On my left, Bo and his brothers. On my right, Gran. I looked over at Gran and I saw that behind her there was an army of people marching towards her. Thousands of people, backing her up. I looked to Bo's side. The seven Kings were alone. 

"Liv," Both Gran and Bo said on either side of me. "Come with us. We can help you." 

"Work together!"  I tried to say, but the words wouldn't come out. They were stuck in my throat. Choking me. I fell to the ground mystically and both Bo and Gran turned their heads away from me. Their arms crossed across their chests. "Help!" I tried to mouth but they were to involved in fighting and ignoring each other to care about me.

And suddenly I just seemed to fade away. I was there in the dream and yet I wasn't. And there was Gran and Bo, sobbing over my empty body. I blinked and there they were. All seven Kings and Gran stood together, marching an inexplicably long distance to a menacing looking castle. The civilian backing behind them and they stormed into the castle. From outside the castle, I saw the shaking of the structure and slowly, every brick fell out. One by one they dropped from the top, middle and the bottom of the castle. Gray brick by gray brick. And then, suddenly it was gone. There was nothing there but a singular and strangely angelically looking ring which strangled levitated off the ground and had a birds pattern on it. It floated.

Then it started to fall, and I with it. We fell into who knows where. Just down. Sprawling out and trying to fight the wind and gravity. I looked down and there was no bottom to where we were falling. It wasn't off a cliff or anything. We were just falling. 

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