Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


31. Chapter Thirty One

A knock woke me up in the darkness. 

"Hello?" I called out, voice rough from sleep. The door cracked open and a familiar shape came in, closing the door behind himself. He crawled onto the bed next to me, his chest down. 

"Hello." He whispered and though I couldn't see him very well but I could feel his warmth radiating off of him and could tell he was close. I opened my mouth to ask him how his brother was, but instead, my voice came out rough and I said. 

"You weren't at dinner." I cringed. 

"I was with Finn." He said, gently. 

"How is he?" I whispered. 

"Reconsidering his life and all he knows." Bo said, then after a moment, "Generally bad." 

"I'm sorry." I said, and bit my lip. "Have your other brothers comforted him as well?"

"He wouldn't let them talk to him." 

"And he let you?" I asked. 

"I'm persistent." He said and I could hear a smile in his voice. I smiled back. I felt his warm hand touch my face, gliding over my lips, which tickled, and then going up and I closed my eyes before he touched my eyes and then I felt some shifting and he kissed my eyelids gently. On an impulse, I reached my tongue out and licked his arm. His hands shot away from me. "Liv, did you just lick me?"

"Is this something that we're going to be doing quite often now?" I asked, avoiding his question. 

"Licking each other? Because I'm pretty sure thats..."

"Sleeping in the same bed." I whispered, and moved my hands so they were resting under my head as I faced him.

"Should it be?" He asked. I shrugged one shoulder into the darkness, not realizing that he couldn't see until he didn't respond. We fell into an awkward silence, my heart beating in my ears as I realized that we were close and on my bed. On a bed in general. Yes, we had shared a bed last night, but I hadn't known. But he had. And he had been casual with it. So would I, I decided. 

"Don't answer." I whispered back. "Forget the question." That was met with silence. "Lets just talk."

"About what?" 

"Anything but this blasted competition." 

"Anything?" Bo asked. I rolled my eyes in the dark. 

"I don't know! Talk about our favorite tapestries or kinds of potatoes!" 


"Or something like that. Something that we don't know about each other?" 

"Why don't I tell you a story?" Bo said. 

"Alright." I agreed. It took Bo a minute before he began. 

"Once upon a time, in a land of monsters and evils, there was a King." 

"A bad or a good King?" I interrupted. 

"Liv, don't interrupt. I will get to it." 

"Alright." I said. 




"That was my last words!" Bo paused then continued. 

"He had a lovely wife, whose voice was known through out the land as being melodic and she was supposedly the fairest person in the entire continent. They ruled fairly and were loved by all, and were given gifts by even the poorest of people for being so wonderful because they made sure that everyone had something, so no one had nothing. No one went without food for a night and they would often share their food with their people and threw great banquets to honor even the littlest but happiest of occasions.

Then one day, the Queen announced that she was pregnant and so all the towns people were immediately thrown into action, preparing everything to make sure it was perfect when the baby would arrive 6 months later. The King was so happy that he tried to aid his wife with the smallest of tasks and he cared for her quite deeply. He made sure that his army- a grand army who proudly defeated all the horrible monsters around them, especially made sure nothing went to his wife. 

But then one day, his wife fell horribly ill and she would allow only three people into her chambers. Her ladies, The King- but only for a few hours a day, and a traveling magician who had recently arrived at court, but she would never allow any of them to overlap. One day, one of her ladies- a young woman named Margaret, asked her, as the rest of her ladies left why the magician was coming. The Queen told Lady Margaret to hide behind the curtain and listen, but never to make a sound. The King came in next and for the next hour he had cried , on his knees by his Queen, sobbing about their unborn child and her safety. He then left, and the magician arrived.

The room had been silent for a few moments before the magician- a young man had started to speak to her, in a calming voice on the welfare of the kingdom. On her health and the then started chanting. The Lady Margaret was shocked for nearly half of the kingdom thought that magicians were ridiculous hoaxes. But he continued chanting for at least 20 minutes and each phrase was melodic. And then, he suddenly stopped and Margaret peeked out of the curtain and the magician was staring emptily at the Queen and the Queen stared unwaveringly up at him. They remained like that until dinner, where Lady Margaret left, and the Queen said, quietly to her back as she was about to close the door 'Secrets are dangerous, but this is one you must keep for lives depend on it'. 

The Queen and the King and the Kingdom lived in peace for the next few months, the Queen's health grew slightly but she was still ill but the child was still alive and healthy. As the time grew closer to the birth, the King started to wonder about the Magician. He had heard rumors from servants of chantings but he didn't believe in magic. A few weeks before the baby was due, the King asked the Queen, who was lying in bed with her large stomach, clutching her hands and he asked her about the Magician. 

'My dear husband,' she had said lovingly, 'I suppose I should've told you before, but I still won't now, but my love, I will tell you in two days time.' The two days past and the King asked again but the Queen wouldn't tell him, she just repeated the same thing.  A few weeks later, Queen started to feel the symptoms of the child's coming. The King, knelt by her bed, forever unwavering and he asked her once more. 

'My Queen, Why has the Magician been here?' The Queen then looked at him, somewhat emotionlessly, 

'Because I have been a dead man walking.' She said, 'I will die after this birth for I am not strong enough and my Magician has helped me live so far, helped save the baby. I am alive today only because of this child and then once it is out in the open I will die, my love. I will move to the other side and I promise I will watch the two of you grow and thrive.' The King then started to sob. 

'Take me with you, my Love.' he cried. 

'But our child will be left alone.' she said, 

'So be it, but I only live for you, my Queen, and I will leave this child in the best of hands.' The King then called his advisers, his sister and the Magician to the bedside and told them plan. The Magician handed him a potion, his advisors numbly took in the power that would be bestowed to them until the child's 12 birthday and his sister, agreed to take on the job of raising the child and teaching it morality and help be the reigning regent along with the advisors until the child was old enough. 

Later that night, the child gave birth, and the Queen looked at her lovingly, whispered the new child's name: 'Terra' and then died, her babe in her arms. The King chugged the potion and then died next to her, leaving the child alone. 

Terra grew up, for the next 12 years, counciled and safely guarded. The Kingdom fell to war and more and more attacks started to happen, since the peacekeeping King was dead and buried with his beautiful and gracious wife. The child had the looks of her mother and the wiseness of her father, both whom she had only ever seen pictures of. 

When, at the age of 12, she was coronated and the kingdom found a reason to be happy for the first time in 12 years. She ruled aside her Aunt and a few years later, a war started. Thousands of people were being killed and she was losing and the people were losing hope in life and success. The King of the other side, a moody and unjust King with a younger brother who was an ambassador to Terra's kingdom. Terra soon fell in love with the charming younger brother, who was her age and one night, together, they both came up with a plan. 

Terra would stop the war. She would walk down the battlefield and kill the King, all by herself. When the day came, she dressed nicely and walked down the streets, gathering supporters who followed them and they walked onto the battlefield, the people stopping at the edge of the warden, quietly gaping at their young Queen who was risking her life for them. Where ever she walked, through the masses of fighting people, the fighting stopped and soon a whole half of the battlefield was not fighting anymore, just staring at Queen Terra and her beauty and grace and smarts. She stopped in the middle of the field and soon the King came out and joined her. They stared at each other for a moment before her got off his horse and took step towards her. Then another and another and then their noses were nearly touching. 

She then, pulled a dagger out from her bodice and stabbed his through the heart. His blood covered her hands and she fell to her knees, the entire battlefield silent as the King was dead and the respect for her was growing. Terra sobbed, holding her hands out in front of her. The soldiers, then all kneeled towards her, heads bowed down in respect and the townspeople rushed out towards her, the brother, now the new King in the front and he came and held her towards him as all of the citizens shouted out reasons why the Queen was the greatest and how they loved her. 

'I killed someone.' She sobbed back and held out her hands. 

'You saved a lot more lives.' The New King Replied gently. He then, assisted her back to the castle, and helped her wash off the blood and the next day he was crowned. They were married the day after that and the Kingdom lived in peace." Bo finished, I closed my eyes, after forcing myself to stay awake to listen to the entire thing. 

"The end." Bo whispered and darkness suddenly snuck in and started to suck me into dream land. I felt Bo readjusting himself and he hugged me towards him and I then felt his chest moving up and down slowly and calmly. Sleep set in. 

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