Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


34. Chapter Thirty Four

"As I was saying," Silas began a few victorious minutes later. "We need to write Liv's grandmother a letter."

"And I want to do it." Finn said. 

"And you will." Silas said, "But what are you going to say?"

"Start off with facts we learned earlier about my actual parentage, and then my pity. And then I'll talk about our plan to take down our father, and how we've been meeting secretly for the past few months..." 

"Months?" I interrupted him, surprised. "Really?" It seemed like they had just started planning. 

"Well yes," Said Griffin, sounding slightly offended. "Months. Why else would Bo just randomly and suddenly take you to one of our clandestine meetings about murdering our father?"Actually, he sounded very offended. 

"And why exactly do you need my grandmother?"

"She's our civilian backing!" Silas said, and something about him seemed different, maybe more self confident since his secret came out. "The face of our rebellion!"  More himself and more like a human being than an emotionless pillow. "She helps up get the people on our side! Rally them with an absolutely true story of hers and rant on how he must be stopped! How he's a monster!"

"What if they want to stop you?" I asked, then specified " Stop the Kings rulings in general?"

"We will show them that we are worthy of their trust, and that we would listen to them and try to help and change." Bo said. 

"And what if they don't agree? What if they want a women in charge- or to be one of the Kings or many of them. What if they want equality between our rulers." I said generally forcefully, tilting my head to the side. "I mean I do. Look at over in the west! The ruler there is Lady Jean! And she is a strong and independent and completely capable, wise woman! She runs a lovely part of the world! And she does it excellently! We need some equality in our rulers!" 

"So be it." Silas said agreeably. "Thats all good. I agree"

"And why must the competition be of all women? Why not everyone? Can't we all do the same? No favoritism. In your new world. Your revolution- shouldn't things be better. If we're still to have people ruling us how can they not represent all of us."

"I like that idea." Bo spoke up from next to me and I reached my fingers for his and squeezed them appreciatively. 

"But it doesn't sound as neat!" Finn said, "The Kings- now that sounds smooth but honestly? The Kings and Queens? The Queens and Kings? Not as smooth if you ask my opinion..."

"Which we're not " Izaiah interrupted. Finn glared at him. "What?" Izaiah asked exasperatedly throwing his hands up in the air. "I was just being honest!" Finn glared at him. 

"Honesty is not a good trait for you." He said, monotonously. Izaiah glowered for a moment, he turned to face me and rolled his eyes. I smirked, but then tried to hide it as Finn appeared to notice briefly but he seemed to ignore it. Silas on the other hand, glared at Finn. His expression one of pure annoyance, disappointment and pity. 

"I was kidding Si!" Finn said defensively. "I am all for equality in ruling and protection! In everything! I love equality! I love everything! And everyone! Because they ALL deserve my love! BECAUSE EQUALITY!" Finn shouted, finishing his blundering statement. Izaiah reached over from the right of Finn's chair and covered his mouth with his hand.

"Shushhh!" He hissed, which was followed by other hissings for silence. After a moment of anticipation of someone walking in Izaiah let his hand fall to his side and he wiped in on his pant leg disgustedly. "Seriously Finn? Can you not lick me?"

"Sorry nope." Finn said before looking to Silas professionally-well as professionally as Finn could be. "So I write Liv's grandmother a letter."


"Mentioning our plan and ideas." 


"And hopefully she agrees."

"Thats the plan." Silas said warily.

"And if she doesn't?" Finn asked, when no body answered he answered for himself. "Then we say our father has held Liv captive and then hope she agrees." The room bursts out in noise.

"Thats a horrible idea!" Bo said from next to me. 

"Why would you say that?" 

"Finn!" Someone groaned

"Why are you in such a.... boisterous mood right now?"

"Pardon me if I feel the need to act out to settle my feelings. I have had a rough 24 hours." The room was silent. 

"Sorry..." Jasper muttered, looking down at the table, generally ashamed. A few more awkward moments of silence passed until Bo stood up, pushing our chair back and he said:

"Good meeting everyone. Finn- you should go write that letter. Next meeting in...3 days?" Bo finished, eyebrows raised questionably. The rest of the Kings nodded and stood, eagerly walking to the door and impatiently waited to leave the room, since there seemed to be so much tension built up from Finn. When everyone was gone, I stood.

"Good meeting?" I asked Bo, sarcastically. 

"It was the best I could do. It was..."

"Awkward?"I interrupted him. Bo glared at me.

"More than awkward it was..."

"Painfully awkward?" I asked. 

"More that that it was...."
"Agonizingly awkward?"

"Really Liv?" Bo asked pretending to be annoyed. 

"Fine," I said, throwing my hands in the air, "Choose your own words."

"That moment has passed for that." He said, glowering. "I'm thinking of different things now." 

"Like what?" I asked. 

"Like where to go next." He said, "I have lived in the great castle my entire life and I'm sure you'd be amazed by I'm kind of just used to it right now and it seems boring- but I promise I'll give you a tour of the greatest rooms later."

"What does later mean?" I asked "And where are we going now?"

"I kind of feel by sitting by the fire in the kitchen and maybe helping? Thats always adventurous." 

"Lets do it." I said agreeably, looping my arm through his and we slowly walked to the door and out.

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