Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


38. Chapter Thirty Eight

I woke the next morning, a little less sore but it still felt like a wall fell on me. I yawned and stretched my arms and one of them hit something that felt human-like in my bed. I rolled over and saw Bo, still dozing there from the night before where he said he would be just resting for a moment. I smiled  and rolled out of bed. I went into the bathroom to freshen up. I tied my hair back, washed my face. Stared into the mirror long enough to see myself on the back of my eyelids once I looked away.  I looked down at myself. The black clothes that I had been wearing for days. I pulled down my shirt and left the bathroom to sit on the bed. 

One by one, I pulled my shoes on and then went to stood by the door. On my way out, I paused, looked back at Bo, peacefully sleeping, then closed the door behind me and tried to find my way to the Dining Hall. A surprising ten minutes later I wandered up towards large, wooden doors. I moved to open the doors, but I heard voices. I paused, held my breath, and put my ear to the door, trying to listen. 

"We all know Livia is going to be one of the winners." A voice said. It took me a moment to place it. ​The old King. 

"She does seem to be liked by a majority of the Kings." Maro. 

"She is very nice and helpful." Silas said, quietly. A meeting between the person my family hated most in the world, the exercise demon, and Surprisingly Swell Silas. And bonus, they were talking about me. I turned to look at the clock on the wall. A few minutes until people were expected to show up for breakfast. 

"Nice?" Isaac asked."That is a trait that we do not want. We need...ruthless. Cunning. Nice is not the job of a body guard." I could tell Silas was biting back a response from his silence. 

"We've already discussed who we all would like to pick."

"Its been 2 sessions!  They have had two sessions of training! You need to pick who is the best! Not who is the most liked!" Isaac exploded. "What if someone sneaks into the castle to try to kill you or one of your brothers in their sleep! You need someone who will get them and hurt them because it is their job! They have to do it!  Not someone who will be sleeping with the King they need to protect!" That stung, but then I remembered that Bo actually was sleeping in my bed. But he was just sleeping. And we hadn't done anything. And none of it was his business.  I decided to put that down as another tally on the list of reasons why old King Isaac was an asshole, which seemed to be a very expansive list. 

"Protection is protection. No matter which form it is." Silas said, "And besides, how many times has someone tried to kill you?" I cringed. To any other King, that question would of been a good one, but to King Isaac, who killed his brothers to become the First and Only King. 

"Many." Isaac responded, sounding angry. Right then, Eliza walked next to me. She looked at me, almost surprised that I was there, then looked towards the door.

"But what about us?" Silas asked. "No one's tried to kill us yet." 

"Just you wait," Isaac said. I gaped and looked at Eliza, my eyebrows raised. That almost sounded like a threat. "It will most likely happen in time." 

"Father, you should go. People should be arriving soon for breakfast."

"I think I'll stay." Isaac said. I looked over towards Eliza, my eyes wide. She was silently walking backwards into the hallway. She motioned for me to do the same, which I did questionably. Then she counted to three on her fingers and we walked towards the door and opened it. She smiled. 

"Good morning." She said to all the rooms occupants, then walked towards the middle of the room and chose a chair. I sat in the chair to the left to her. From the corner of my eye, I could see King Isaac, glaring at me creepily. His eyes glinted mischievously and it was a bit scary. Then Jasper and Soren saved the day by walking in, distracting him from me. Jasper came and sat next to me, oddly enough. He grinned though. 

"Does your grin have something to do with announcing the winners of your little competition?" I asked. He somehow grinned more in response. "Because If so, I suggest doing it after training tonight, so the losers have to suffer through it one more day. It'd be torture." 

"That is a good idea, but you don't know if we will be ending this thing today?"

"I have a hunch." I told him, then more people walked in and sat down and then breakfast was placed in the middle of the table in large platters. I served myself some food and as I was about to take a bite into my bagel, Finn walked in. I froze. He grinned at me, and sat across from me. 

"Good morning." He said, gleefully. 

"How are you?" I asked. 

"Good." Finn said, taking a bagel for himself, then he bit into it hungrily. Towards the end of the meal, Bo burst into the room. His hair rumpled from sleep, and he was wearing the same clothes that he had been wearing the day before. He sat across from Eliza, hurriedly. He took a bagel, looked up and smiled at me. Eliza turned and looked at me, like she were connecting the pieces to an imaginary puzzle. But she remained silent, which was something she seemed to do often.  She seemed to like silence more than noise. A few minutes later, Maro stood up, motioned for us to come with her and we left the room and walked towards the training room. 

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