Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Bo leads me down so many hallways that I won't ever remember. Not that I remember the easy ones, but trying at this one is just too hard. I follow him, wondering what he's about to show me. Wondering what the definition of our relationship now is. 

I kissed him. Twice. And he is one of the Kings. And I am a poor girl from 8. And now someone knows about it. And he acts as if nothing has happened. 

I am interrupted from my thoughts when he reaches back and twines his finger through mine. I feel a tiny jolt of electricity in my stomach. Finally, after many portraits and worn carpets and people stepping back to the sides of the hall before him and whispers and silence and coldness from the stone and slipperyness from the cold wooden floor, we make it to a door. A big dark brown wooden door, that looks thick and scary. It sends a tremor of fear into my heart. What is he going to show me?
He kicks open the door heroically and turns his head to scan the empty hall behind us for any passerbyers, and then he goes inside, pulling me with him. There in the room is a long table, with seven chairs. And six out of those seven chairs are filled by Kings. 

At the head is King Silas and to his left, is Finn and to King Silas' right is King Griffin. On Finn's left is King Izaiah, and to King Griffin's right is King Jasper and across from him is his twin King Soren and at the back head is an empty chair. I feel some heat rise up into my cheeks as Bo pulls me to the chair, our fingers still intertwined, I feel the eyes follow us. 

He sits and I look at him awkwardly, standing next to him, then he scoots over towards me, giving me some space to sit on his left. I sit, my butt barely on the chair, as I look down the table of chairs and Kings. They all look back. King Silas, narrowing his eyes at me begins to talk. 

"As I was saying, we should write a letter to Livia's grandmother. She might be the tipping point on our cliff to freedom." 

"What the hell does that mean?" Asked King Jasper, interrupting King Silas. King Jasper's twin glared at him from across the other side of the table. 

"It means," Said Silas "That we might finally get the revolution that we want." Said King Silas. Now, Officially glaring at King Jasper. I gasped. Finally putting together what this quick meeting was about, why I was here, what they were doing. And all of that, I gathered from a short argument.

"No." I whispered, unable to believe what was going on. The kings. The Seven Kings were planning a rebellion on themselves, a way to get out of being a King. For a new world. A new way of life. I had always thought that it was only my family who plotted at the dinner table, and usually it was arguments between Theo and George, and we had all laughed about it! But this! It was going to happen! For real!

"Yes." Said King Soren, slowly, drawing out the 's' longer than necessary. I looked at him, my eyes shooting up. He smirked and flicked an eyebrow up. I scowled at him. 

Bo watched, open mouthed at the slight conversation between King Soren and I, his eyebrows lowering. His eyes flickering back and forth between King Soren. "Oooo-kay then." He said, still gawking at the table "We should write a letter to Liv's grandmother." 

"No." I shot out. "No offence and all that jazz, but she kind of hate your guts and is going to think badly of that."

"True." said Finn awkwardly. Everyone looked at him. He mouthed a curse word and looked down, and that brought King Silas scowling again, which he seemed to do often. 

"I can write it...perhaps?" I said quietly. 

"No." Said Finn "One of us should."

"But who?" I asked "Who is she going to listen too?"Finn stood up. 

"I have to go ask father something." he said "We'll meet again in a few days." 

"How many?" Asked King Silas 

"Three." Responded Finn "For I am afraid that might be how long it takes me to go talk to father." Everyone looked on the ground. I looked at the Kings. Silently and one by one they got up and left the room. 

"Why are they leaving one by one?" I asked Bo silently. 

"Because we don't want people to know that we are plotting our own demise." He responded. 

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