Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


10. Chapter Ten

We wandered some, following Eliza down corridors and passages and in circles. 

"Want help?" Asked Bo, his voice clearly amused. 

"No." Eliza said stubbornly until we circled a picture 5 times only then did Eliza finally admit that she had no idea where to go and she asked Bo, where she could find me some modest clothes- or where her room was because she found her's in her's. Bo complied, grinning and raising an eyebrow as he set the conversation on books as he aimlessly(or so it seemed) wandered down halls. 

"Last night, I actually went, straight from your room," He said looking at me "To mine, where I picked up a book. One that was written before Independence.'' I looked at him, mouth agape. He noticed "Haven't you ever read pre-Independence books?" He asked me, thoroughly confused.

"Well yes, but I though know..." I could tell he knew, from the look that crossed over his face.

"I do. Because I'm one of the Kings?" I nodded mutely. There was a silence, and we walked down the halls, shoulder to shoulder now. Me in between Eliza and Bo. Bo was on my left. As we walked, I felt his fingers, reach for mine, and as he took them my breath got uneven. He interlaced them and then gave me a quick squeeze and dropped his hand, and every once and a while I could feel his fingers brush mine, and each time it made me more breathless, and my heart pound more. After a few minutes he asked, starting up the conversation again. 

"Have you ever met an author of one of the books you've read?" 

"Yes. Once." I said quietly. "Kaelie Murgdaw, author of..." Bo interrupted me.

"Kaelie Murgdaw, Author of The Time of Lights, about her fantasy land, called Lumen about a young lady called Nox, who had  hair as black as raven's and eyes as blue as pureness, and her journey to Durum to save the young Princess, Elivia, and on the way she just happens to meet Deus, and they happen to get up close and personal." Said Bo, flickering his eyebrows, just for effect. "When did you meet her?" 

"She's my neighbor. In State 8." I said. 

"Really? I must visit there, now." He said, lowly to himself, before turning his eyes up brightly to mine. A flicker of something flashed in his eyes, which I couldn't read before he said "Anyone else?"

"Eliza's father is an author." I said, proud to say this little piece of information that I just learned.

"What kind of books does your father write?"  He asked Eliza, who I had almost forgotten. She looked angry at the question and was spared answering it by the sight of the 20 rooms in the hall. 10 on each side. My room at the back. I began to jog to it. Bo, completely sprinted to it, pushing me aside, and Eliza walked, ignoring us, as I ran up to try to catch up with Bo. To late, of course. Because he was already in the room and looking around and when I entered he was walking to a chair, that I hadn't noticed before, and pulling off the black pants, that looked extremely worn because of the little fuzzies that were on it. Red, orange, yellow, blue, gray, white, black. 

Bo held them up in the air, and I saw the pant legs were a bit bell-bottomed and the pants were thin and thick. He looked under the legs around for something and when Eliza came into the room he shouted "Wheres a shirt? Do they expect you to walk around shirtless? I mean, I wouldn't mind but you probably would and so would Silas." He clicked and tossed me the pants. I walked to the opposite side of the room, and turned into the corner and pulled on the pants under my fluff dress. They were scratchy at first but then felt completely comfortable. They fit me somewhat perfectly, though the waist was a bit to big, but I would just have to pull them up every now and then but that wasn't different then home. When I turned back around Bo was looking at me, in the oddest way. 

"What?" I asked, my voice high and uneven. There's the look in his eyes again, as they stay glued to me. Eliza had sat on my bed and  her back was turned to me. Finally, what seemed like forever, he had blinked his beautiful eyes a few times before putting on a smile and said;

"Lets go shirt hunting!" And pumped his fist up in the air. I followed and Eliza jumped off of my bed, and did the same, snapping out of her trance. 

"How old are you?" I asked Bo, pushing into him as we rounded the corner, he was leading us again and this time we were more comfortable with each other and kept pushing each other playfully. 

"9 years younger than Silas." 

"Silas is...?" 

"Twenty seven." He said. 

"King Finnigan?" Asked Eliza, innocently. 

"Two years younger than Silas. Griffin is a year younger than Finn," He said continuing "Then Izaiah, who is a year younger than Griff, then the twins- Jasper and Soren who are a year younger than Izaiah, and then finally me" He says darkly "4 years later."  We walked, me doing the math in my head. 

"So that mean that your are..." I said, mentally calculating, it was taking me a while because my brain wasn't working now, as Bo had once more bumped into me. 

"18."He said, resting his head on my shoulder, pushing me towards a door, at the end of yet another hall, and he reached his hand out , from behind me and pushed the door open lazily. 

The room was masterful. It was large, and decorated by papers on every wall, piles of books absolutely everywhere and a black bed pushed up against the wall in the middle of the room. Bo turned and face a wooden bureau, and opened one of the drawers and started shuffling through. I suddenly realized where we were.  His room.  Eliza was looking at the papers on the walls, which I could now see held words. I drifted closer. Words. His poems. I read one and was touched. Tears drifted to my eyes. 

"Here!" Bo said, I felt something hit my back and start to fall and I turned around suddenly and grappled for it. I caught it, victoriously and held it up. A shirt. It was mostly white, but alas it was a bit yellow-stained from wear. "Sorry, it just seems that it would fit you and everything else is probably too big..." He faded off. 

"I don't mind. Thank you." I said breezily and walked to another corner where I slowly pulled off my dress and enjoyed the coolness on my back, and then dropped it with a 'thump' and I pulled on the collared shirt, and buttoned two of the three buttons on the top and I set down the collar. The shirt was shockingly soft. I turned around and once more saw Bo staring at me. His eyes wide. I realize that he must of been watching me. Where I should feel embarrassment I feel a mix between pride and jealousy. Jealous of i'm not sure what... or who. "This shirt is...marvelous." I finally say. "Thank you." 

"I knew it would finally be worn again.'' He says a bit breathlessly. Thats when it sinks in. This is his shirt. I'm wearing King Bo's shirt. And I love it. I grin. I can tell he is a bit confused but he grins too. 

"Thanks." I say again. 

"No. Thank you." He says, and I slowly walk towards him and give him a half hug. He hugs me back and I realize that he smells of mint and butter and autumn and kindness, and I'm not sure what 'kindness' smells of, or why I just smelled him, but i'm pretty satisfied with myself. He stares into my eyes and I stare back. We're quiet for a moment, until Eliza, who I forgot about, breaks the silence with. 

"Wow. King Bo, this is marvelous." She is talking about on of his poems on the opposite side of the room. We both walk over there and read. By the time I begin I already have tears in my eyes.

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