Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


16. Chapter Sixteen

"Time." said Bo, and I hopped off of my perch on the table. 

"Umm..." Said Eliza, standing up and and looking at the creased the list. "There's one in here." She said, then looked up over the paper, her red hair falling down in her face from her loose bun behind her neck. I moved towards the curtains, remembering one of my hide and seek games with Zeke and Theo, and I would always hide behind the curtains on those times when George would play with us on those rare occasions that he wasn't busy studying for his violin, I would always be found first. Taking a guess at one of the curtains, I fell into it and nothing. 

I tried another. And another. And finally I was at the last one, and beginning to doubt it. So I walked in the curtains general direction but looked under the table and chairs, maybe not looking will cause it to come out. I saw a spark of something shiny under one of the chairs. I leaned down and stepped back, trying to see it again.Maybe it happened to be a shiny ball. I tripped. 

And came crashing down on my butt. I looked up at the curtain, extremely pissed at its causing me to fall. I grimaced as my sore behind stung from the cool floor. I leaned back against the wall. And felt something. Round. Uncomfortable. I stuck my hand behind the velvet-y curtain and my fingers brushed one of the balls. I pulled it out. It was green. And smoochy. School grade. So when people chuck them at each other their pain isn't that lasting. 

I jumped up, momentarily forgetting about the pain in my behind. "I got it!" I screamed and Bo and Eliza looked over at me. A small smile appeared on Bo's face. I sloppily tossed it to him and it hit the table and then rolled to the ground. He looked slightly amused. 

"Next!" Said Eliza,  her accented-voice lilting as usual "The room closest to us is the library!" She said, giving a tight lipped smile. 

"Lead away." Said Bo and Eliza, swept her hair from her forehead and began to bounce up stairs to the library. Bo waited for me and as I gleefully nearly jogged around the table he said  " You know, you could of very easily hopped over the table. It might actually give us a chance to win." He joked. I lightly hit his should. We jogged off into the hall where Eliza was impatiently waiting for us. 

"Hurry up." She said shortly. 

We jogged and followed her to the library. The place seemed deserted. Bo grandly, and arrogantly pushed often the grand wooden doors and I was once more amazed by the amazing room. Books everywhere.

"Almost as much as your room." I joked. He smiled. 

"True," He said pretending to stroke an imaginary beard on his chin "Its nearly catching up."

"Look!" Hissed Eliza, as she pointed to another green, grade school ball that sat on top of the tallest book shelf. 

"How did it get up there?" I asked, lowering my eyebrows. 

"Ladder." Said Bo

"Where is said ladder?"I asked. Bo smiled. 

"Not for our use." He said

"The how are we get it?" Said Eliza, her expression one of pure annoyance

"We could stand on each others shoulders?" Bo suggested

I glared at him "I thought you weren't allowed to help."

"Did I say that? Well, if I did, I lied. I can help because you are actually a small group and everyone else has more people then you do." I blanched at him. He smiled.

"Alright." Said Eliza, breathing out "Which of us is the tallest?" We both looked at Bo. "Second tallest?" She asked then looked at me. Eliza was the shortest out of the three of us. I was nearly as tall as him. 

"What?" I asked, scared for whatever was going to happen.

"Get on his shoulders." Said Eliza. I gaped at her

''What!" I screeched

"Scared?" Asked Bo, then he muttered under his breath, looking at me jauntingly "Chicken." 

"Is that a dare?" I asked

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