Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


6. Chapter Six

We sat in the library a bit longer, talking about books, until a sound of a bell rang throughout the castle. King Bo shot up. "Dinner." He said with a grin. "Not to miss." 

He led me down the halls, to our way back into the large hall where almost immediately King Bo was surrounded by the girls and some of his brothers. I could hear one of them hiss "Where have you been?" King Bo had just shrugged. 

Another bell rang, telling them that dinner would be out soon. I was pushed in the direction of the large table in the center of the room. As I was pushed by 19 other girls, who were trying to get close enough to the Kings, who were leading everyone to the table. I felt a shoulder brush against mine and a soft coarse whisper entered my ear. "First bell to say 'dinner is soon', second to say 'sit down'." Before I saw King Bo stride in front of me, as if nothing had just happened. I admired his gallant ways of just going with the flow. 


I sat down quickly, and next to me, quickly sat King Bo. Next to his other side was the girl with the elephant chest, who was trying to attract attention to them, unsuccessfully, for, I noticed that King Bo only had eyes for me. I immediately mentioned that to him, for in our quick book conversation, I had begun to lose my guard against others, and I had slightly began to trust him. He only said 

"All others seem to Quite awkward you can imagine." A slight smile came over me. "So Livia..." 

"Liv," I interrupted him "Please." 

"Alright then, Liv," a slight smile came onto his face,and an eye brow quirked, and turned completely towards me, his back to the lady next to him. ''Lets finished our book conversation. Have you ever read..." We talked for some while before I interrupted him. 
"Why did King Silas, not speak at the Judgement? And why did King Jasper do it instead?" I asked him, looking at the head of the table, on the opposite end of the table at King Silas, who seemed to be very awkward, to the two ladies beside him, who seemed to both be fawning over him. 

"Because Sil isn't... very social among ladies." He said "And it is increasingly awkward to have two ladies fawning over you at all times." He said, not even looking behind him at King Silas. I noticed that King Bo must be very noticing. "He finds it awkward and Jass likes to make an impression among himself and he likes to be....Oh hey Finn!" King Bo said pleasantly, turning to the side to face his older brother- King Finnigan, the second, who was leaning on King Bo's chair and grinning widely. He turned to me. 

"I'll see you tonight." he said and waggled an eyebrow, then turned to King Bo, and whispered something in his ear, before literally, galloping off, back to his chair at the opposite end of the table. I opened my mouth in protest, with no words to come out, and no king Finnigan to tell to, I froze and looked in front of me, for the first time during the meal and found myself face to face with King Izaiah. He smile politely, before turning back to the girl next to him, the one who barely talked, and seemed very shy. 

"Would you like to know  what I did last week?" asked King Bo. I turned to face him again, my face is still frozen and King Bo begins his stoy before looking at me, and interrupting himself to say,

"You shouldn't probably do that." 

I studdered on my words "I...I...I..," I was in an outrage "I will not be seeing your brother tonight! I will not..." 

"Hush," Said King Bo "He didn't mean it that way." 

"Then how did he mean it?'' I ask. King Bo sighed heavily before rolling his eyes and continuing his story about a hilarious "incident" that happened to King Izaiah- the one who sat across from us, who leaned over the table and said "I will never forgive you." Then with a smile in his voice said "And I still have bruises." Before King Izaiah, the fourth turned back to the quiet one. King Bo started laughing. 

 King Bo started to explain in great detail the revenge and the revenge's revenge, and then dessert was served, and I forgot about other people, and was in heaven as I ate the third piece of cake that I have ever eaten. 

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