Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


17. Chapter Seventeen

"Yes." Said Bo, grinning. I sighed and then approached him. Eliza gave a smug grin. 

"How are we going to do this?" I asked, grimacing. Bo motioned with his hand to a table in a little alcove with six chairs. Eliza made her way there and I followed, closely followed by Bo. "How do you all fit? Do you lie supine across the table?" I asked, a image of my own creation popped up in my mind of Bo doing the exact same thing. Bo smired and replied sarcastically, 

"And I rest my head on my hand as I do that, for you know, I am told that I have...quite the body." He said, flickering his eyebrows in a suggestive motion. I elbowed his side and he let out a little gasp and he clutched his side. "Ow!" He said, a spark filled his eyes with light then he put his arms out cautiously in front of him. I lowered my eyebrow at him. He took a leap forward to try to grab me, I shrieked and ran ahead to the little alcove. Eliza was rolling her eyes at us and she pulled out a chair and turned it to face the bookshelves. 

"I don't trust him." I complained

"Get on." She said sharply and I jumped up onto the alcove-for there was a height difference here for the alcove was perhaps two inches taller then the rest of the floor. I rested my hand on Eliza's shoulder and stood on the chair. It was slightly wobbly. I leaned forward, motioning with my hands for Bo to come forward. When he did I fell on him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He choked and forced my hands from his neck and I fell on the floor and he let out a shout laugh that sounded like a chicken, and my hands hurt from the force of his warm ones, and my face hurt for I fell on it. He rubbed his neck. 

"Not like that." He said, his hand on his neck, a red mark appearing quickly. "That's going to bruise." He said, cringing and then he said, "I think Eliza mean't on my shoulders." He said, looking at me from the floor. I glared up at him, my chin resting on the floor, tears coming to my eyes. I looked down at the floor, not wanting anyone to see. Why I was crying-I don't know. I never cried. Never. My nose instantly cooled at it touched the group and my forehead too. One of my eyes went blurry with a tear and I felt it fall out and roll to the floor. Another. Another. I hated myself. 

Why was I taking this seriously? Why couldn't I do as I always have and just move on? After a few more tears, I saw a blurring dark shape lower itself on the ground with me. I blinked and the tears slid down my face leaving a slight itching sensation behind. He looked at me. Eyes large and feeling. He was lying stomach down on the ground, his arms under him slightly propping him up from the cool floor. He lowered his chin to-like mine, touch the floor, his hands which were fisted came on either side of his face. I felt more tears coming for whatever reason I was crying. He extended a hand and with his thumb wiped off the newest tear on my face. 

Then he grasped my face gently with his hands, wiping off the joining tears and then he pulled himself up and sat, legs crossed. Sweetly, he pried my face off of the floor and pulled me up so I was sitting across his lap. He pulled my arm over his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. Rocking gently and comfortably back and forth. He leaned his face close to mine, and with a soft expression neared his face and his gentle lips touched mine and he kissed me softly. Until a grunt came from behind me. Annoyed, I wrenched my lip away from Bo's and faced the noise. Eliza, sitting on the table. Staring at us. "I gave you a minute or two." She said "Back to earth!" Bo lightly pushed me off of him, pushing me up and then he got up himself. Solemnly. I exhaled deeply and turned away to face a wall where I, using my index finger wiped my eyes, using my palm I wiped the barely there snot, and I dusted off my pants and turned around. I turned to Eliza. 

"So how are we doing this?" She grinned. 

"You," She said pointing to me

"Me." I repeated, interrupting. She smiled at me 

"Sit on his," She said pointing to Bo "Shoulders." I complied, and got on the chair again. Bo looked at me. 

"Might want to get on the table actually." He said. I stepped from the chair to the table. It wobbled some. He stood by the table and held his hands up to me, his back facing me. I exhaled deeply and leaned forward and grabbed his fingers tightly. 

"Come closer." I complained. He backed up some. I lifted a leg up to his shoulder. One of his hands grabbed it. With the other one he held my hand. I leaned closer and taking a deep and steadying breath I put the other one on his shoulder. Then I fell backwards, unbalanced from loss of my feet. I fell towards the table, but never hit it. His arms grabbed my ankles and he was holding me in place. I reached up and grabbed his face and pulled me up . 

"Ouch." He muttered as I grappled at his face

"Sorry." I muttered.

"I'll have to tell Si of the difficulties of this one." He said "Or else he'll think that I was attacked, and as funny as that is in the first moment it never stays so for long."  A memory popped into my head. Or two. 

"Wait, I  have a question.'' I said. 

"You don't say." He said as he began to walk. 

"The other day you said that I wouldn't like the first competition and then for this one you said it was the first." he was silent.  

"Don't tell anyone," He said "But the first one was the socializing of today and yesterday." 

"Well then, I failed. '' I interrupted. He pinched my leg 

"And this is the second." He said "Seeing how you get along in a group and with the Kings." 

"Soo, basically I just did the second?" I asked, jokingly for I spent more time with him, and them then any of the girls. Then I turned to a more serious mood "Whats the competition for? Everyone assumes its to marry the first King, but it doesn't seem so."

His voice was gruff when he responded "I'm afraid I can't answer that Liv, It pains me to say so, but I can't. All in good time." Then he too, turned to a joking side "But knowing you you will know first." We came to the shelf. I reached up and my fingers barely grappled the top of the shelf. I leaned forward, my chest touching the shelf and My fingers touched the ball slightly and pushed it.  "Do you have it?" He asked. I swore in response. "Where is it?" He asked, backing away slowly. Right then, Eliza came running our way. 

"What! You had it and then you pushed it!" She screamed

"Is it still up there?" I asked. She grimaced. 

"I was back there. I would know. I didn't see it." 

"Let me off." I muttered to Bo, and he crouched into a kneeling position and I got off and ran to the backside of the shelf, where it was. One the floor. It rolled off. I grinned and held it up victoriously, and walked out to the rest of them. I tossed it to Bo as Eliza took out the paper. 

'' The next one is.... the garden, the throne room. Which one?" 

"Garden." I responded immediately "I need some air." 


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