Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


7. Chapter Seven

After the lush dessert, everyone in the dining hall stood as King Silas wished everyone a goodnight, and everyone started talking once more. I sat in my chair, listening to the noises I guessed I would know well now as it seemed it would always be like this. The giggling of girls and the low voices of the Kings. King Bo had decided that he had wasted enough time on me and had gone socializing.

He was talking to one of the groups of blonde girls with their freakishly low dresses. I had forgotten about mine, and now I tugged it lower. I was used to pants. The girls were all close to each other, and they were all flipping their blonde straight hair and giggling like maniacs. I looked at King Bo. His messy hair-alike to his brothers except for the fact that it was brown and not blonde.I remember the deepness in his eyes, the exquisite gray and the warmth and comfort the color gave. Like tea on a heavy rain day- the kind of days that I love. Where the sky is dark and it pours and its cold but yet warm and even a hot cup of the bothersome tea that had no flavor whatsoever, but was the only kind we could afford, somehow tasted delicious. 

My eyes traced the outline of King Bo's face, how he had a retrousse nose and how it completely fitted him. I looked at his arms, in the dark blue and bright red flag of the States, his clothes seemed to be uniformed with the flag. His brothers too, but for some reason with King Bo it looked better. He was tall, and somehow the shortest of all his tall brothers. Around the same height as King Finnigan, who was somewhere in the 6 feet, though compared to King Silas, he looked like an elf. He looked up from his conversation with the girls quickly and caught my eye.  I looked down and felt the blush brighten my cheeks, he caught me. Looking at him. The remaining six Kings announced that everyone should probably go to sleep, and the girls seemed to flock to the door we entered in, but I, who remembered nothing of the coming to this room, stood still, in conflicts. 

I stood looking at them leave, along with the six Kings. When they had all left, one finally realized that I was still there and called out to me 

"Lost?" I nodded.

"I remember nothing of coming to this room.'' I admit, truthfully and blush a little. A hearty laugh comes in return. 

''I wouldn't either. I'd be to busy looking at me too." He said. My embarrassed smile shortens.

"I was not looking at you, actually I was wallowing in self-regret." I snap back, before realizing that I probably shouldn't snap to a King and I apologize quietly.  The King raises his eyebrows, and I realize that we are the only ones talking in the hall. The other Kings are staring at us. I feel my blush return slightly. 

"And why were you "self-regretting"?" asked the King, using his fingers to make the quotation. I stay silent. "Oh, come on. Why?" He asks "You've got me wondering?" I still stay silent. 

"She hates the Competition." Said a voice from behind me. King Bo. Thank you. 

"And why does she do that?" Asked the King. 

"I don't know Soren, go ask her." King Bo replied shortly. 

'Well. Why?" Asked King Soren, the sixth. 

"Because my Gran was in it and it ended badly for her-Alright?'' I asked. 

"What happened?" Asked King Soren, his voice low and mellow.

"She was eliminated in the second round. She left pregnant, and she left poor, with no care. She said that the First King offered to "beat it out of her". I made the marks in the air. My voice was quiet and sorrowful. The room was silent. King Bo spoke from my shoulder, quietly.

"Really?" I nodded. 

"I think..." Said King Izaiah, from the other side of the room, struggling with his words "That she should go to her room. Someone take her." He said slowly. "And I have an idea. We have a witness." I had no idea what that mean't and not a care to find out either. King Bo, pushed on my shoulder and we walked, side by side out of the door, where, as we had begun to turn I was rammed into a wall, as King Finnigan ran up towards us and put a hand on my shoulder and King Bo's and jumped, causing King Bo to lose his footing and fall to the ground and me to fall to the wall. I stood up, rubbing my cheekbone, where I first collided with the wall. I was going to have a bruise, and I looked down at the two King's lying on one another on the floor. First, King Finnigan stood, and offered his hand to King Bo, who took it and stood, then once standing smacked King Finnigan who grinned and who looped his arm through mine and King Bo's and began to whistle as he walked down the hallways. 

He suddenly stopped quickly, a few hallways down and he extended an arm to me and said. 

"Finnigan. Though, because I think I like you and you have a cute left arm you may call me Finn." I stood there, quietly. A look of puzzlement on my face. "Listen, you can take my hand and shake for a once in a lifetime chance or you can not and regret it for every second of your long, blasted life." 

"At least it'll be long." I said, and extended my hand to him. "Wait... I have a cute left arm?"

"Yes. And now its your turn." He said. I looked at King Bo. He was smiling quietly, and had his signature eyebrow quirked. 

"Livia. But you may call me Liv because..." I faded off. King Bo piped in. 

"You have a nice face." 

"Because you have a nice face." I say, using King Bo's words. 

"Thank you." said King...Finn. "I grew it from scratch. You might also want to thank my father. I'm told I have half of his genes." 

"Wonderful?" I say questionably. I'm not exactly sure was "genes" are but I nod anyway. 

"Your turn." Finn says to King Bo, who smiles an adorable half smile and I wonder why King Bo doesn't have as much fanbase and as much love and posters and pictures when he's so cute!!??!

"Fine." Says King Bo, giving his half smile "Bo. But you may call me Bo. Because that's my name and don't wear it out." I look at him blanchly. Finn is giving him an eyebrow raising. "And you have nice eyes." He looked into them as he says it. Just as I'm about to thank him Finn interrupts with:

'Why thank you Dear." and then Finn loops his arms around both of mine and Bo's and he walks me to a room, and I open it and Bo tells me that if it's not my room, then who cares? It's farther away everyone elses. before he adds 
"Actually I'm not sure where everyone else's rooms are?" then both wish me a goodnight and leave. 

I go over to the plushest bed I have ever seen and fall back onto it and it a moment I am asleep.

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