Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


1. Chapter One

She bit her lip nervously. It was time for judgement day. 


Liv sat in the rock hard green chair, where so many had sat before. She stared down at her knees, which peaked out from her dress.The dress was an ugly moss-green color with little tendrils of wisp that bellowed around her whenever she walked. Her shoulders were mostly bare, except for two small gangly straps that were to bit for her. She kicked her legs around, bored and anxious and discovered that when she did that her heels, kicked, the ugly walls. The room was silent. Full of bratty girls who were old enough to marry. This rarely happened. Last time when 20 girls were chosen, none made it past judgement of the 7 Kings.

It had been going on since before Liv's grandmother could remember. A competition between nearly every girl aged 16-20. Every girl between that age must go in front of the 7 Kings.The States call it Judgement Day. The 7 Kings called it Arbitrium Day. The 7 Kings pick 20 of those girls and the girls go off to compete. The winner gets whatever they want. One wish. Must be reasonable. That is the only condition and she and six other girls-if "good" enough gets to stay for who knows what? 

Liv, waited for her name to be called. She heard the meek young man who had introduced himself to the girls with a measly, yellow smile, call out another name. And just as every time before, that "lucky" girl would go out to the 7 Kings in their large courtroom, while each King, is on their own separate throne getting their every want and need given to them on a gold platter, while that girl is nearly killing herself with nerves. Its happened before. Liv's grandmother had told her stories of girl dropping dead in the middle of their Intro. Liv hoped she would never be that person. She rested her chin on her hands, and slumped over glumly.

She didn't want to be here. She didn't want a bunch of Royals to judge her. She didn't want to go. But of course she had to be born 17 years ago, yesterday. 

Gran had  gotten in. She was eliminated in round 2 and was allowed to live because one of the Kings ended up leaving her with a package in her ovaries. Even though that seemed bad the important thing was that she had still gotten in.And for those who don't get third place or higher get forgotten. Like Gran. Who were forgotten, and poor, and hungry and never remembered again. No money sent. No food. Liv bit her lip harder without thinking. Tears sprang to her eyes. She wiped them away clumsily as the girl who was just called, come back into the room, wailing her heart out. Everyone silently looks up as she goes over and bawls into someone else's chest. "My voice broke." Liv shook her head. Were people seriously like that? 

The gangly man walks in again and this time calls a familiar name. 

"Livia Aidan Pacey" Liv stood and stretched her fingers out. She walked out of the doorway.


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