Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


19. Chapter Nineteen

In the Throne Room was another group, and they seemed to be searching. Everywhere. Since they had one more person than us and King Jasper, the fifth, actually seemed willing to help look and talk to people and not attack them. I glared at Bo and whispered "See! Some people actually don't attack others!" He grinned quietly. King Jasper looked up at that and smiled as most of the Kings seemed to do whenever they saw one of their other brothers...or whenever they saw Bo? "Do all of the Kings do that?" I asked, "Smile at each other when they see each other- or is it just you?" Bo grinned, proudly. 

"Just me!" He said vainly. I sighed. I should of known.

"Found it!" Shouted a girl with darkened skin in a lavender dress. The comparison between her and the dress was...amazing. She held the red ball above her head.

"Who's that?" I whispered to Bo.

"How should I know?" He replied "I've spent to much time with you."I looked outside at the now dark blue sky. "I don't know anyone else."

"You should probably spend more time with other people. It is your competition after all."

"True." He said shortly. Quietly. 

"It's been a day. I expect your brothers want some of your input." 

"Well, now its around two so I suspect if they wanted it they would've come up to me already."

"You just make your own rules-don't you?"

"Someone has to. And yes. As youngest I do believe I have fewer responsibilities."

"What are your responsibilities in the Competition?" I asked him. He looked around for a second, thinking. Eliza stood on my other side, leaning in and listening. 

"I put my input on who I don't like." He said, looking out of a window as King Jasper's group left. Looking for another ball. 

"Well you should probably hang out with them more." I suggested, quietly and calmly. 

"It's been a day." He snapped and looked forward, grimacing. I took a slight step away from him. The tones of his voice were terrifying. Sharp and ready to kill. Dark and serious. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and I heard an intake in Eliza's breath. He opened his eyes and turned to me. His eyes were slightly glassy. "I'm sorry." He said softly. "I didn't mean to snap." He grew quieter with each word. Barely audible he said "I'm just so tired. Stressed." 

I nodded, understanding. We stood in silence until we heard clicking fro the hallway behind us. Finn leaned on the doorway, panting and said-between breaths that this contest was over and to give the balls to Bo and to then go to your rooms. Eliza handed Bo the balls as he stared glassily at Finn and she left. I stood completely still. "What?" Asked Finn. 

"I still don't know where to go."

"We showed you. Twice probably."

"Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat his whole life." I said, smiling on the inside to remember that quote that Gran had said once. "I wasn't told how to find it."

"You could probably follow the noise." Suggested Bo moodily. I glared at him shortly.

"Or ask-me. Not Bo. Me." Said Finn. Holding out his arm to me. I walked to him and we started to leave the room "Dining Room!" He shouted to Bo and I rested my arm on top of his as those couples did in the old paintings. "Shall we go my lady?" He asked.

"Lead away." I responded. We walked and he showed me that the colorful hanging on the wall was sign that it was one turn away. The worn red carpet on the ground was a way to find that you were in the right hallway. "Thank you." I said to him outside of my door. We stood silently before I struggled to get out "Why..."

"I was wondering when you would ask that!" he said cheerfully and I wondered how someone could have so much happiness all the time "Its been a long day for him, and..." He lowered his voice "If you ask me, a lot of girls around is a bit...overwhelming. I am guessing that it won't happened again."  

"Goodnight!" I said to him, opening the door 

"You too!" He said, walking away with a wave. In my room, the bed was made and It looked extremely fluffed up and soft. Once more, as I had the night before. I fell into bed, my head hitting the cool pillows. I took the time to tuck myself in the covers and I fell asleep. I dreamt of dancing.

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